Al-hubit (Persian)

Teheran, 2006. 2nd printing. Paperback. Publisher Rawzanih. Illustrated in b&w by Tolkien.*

De Hobbit. Het Spectrum, 1976 (Dutch)

Hardback. 14th printing. Illustrated in colour and b&w by Tolkien. Antiquarian: good condition (some damage to the dustjacket, coffee stain on one page).*
no sticker

De Hobbit. Prisma, 1999

First edition in the new Prisma edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

De Hobbit. Mynx, 2007 (Dutch)

1st edition thus. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). Hologram cover.*

De Hobbit 50th anniversary edition

Mynx, 2010. 30th printing. Paperback. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dutch translation of The Hobbit this edition was issued with the original cover.*

De Hobbit. Boekerij, 2012

34th printing. Paperback. Filmcover.*

De Hobbit. Boekerij, 2013 (Grey)

Grey paperback with a silver coloured illustration by Erik Kriek on the front.*

De Hobbit. Boekerij, 2013 (hardback)

42nd printing. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). Cover by David Wyatt.*

De Hobbit - filmcover. Boekerij, 2013

Paperback. 41st printing. Cover of The Desolation of Smaug.*

De Hobbit. Boekerij, 2014

Paperback. Cover from The Battle of the Five Armies.*

De Hobbit. Boekerij, 2015

Small hardback with the Dutch translation of The Hobbit. Illustrated in b&w by Tolkien.*

De Hobbit. Elikser, 2012 (Frisian)

Elikser, 2012. 2nd edition. Paperback. The first Frisian translation. Frisian is a language spoken in Friesland, one of the provinces of The Netherlands.*

“It is said that the language Tolkien most wanted to be translated into was Icelandic, and that may well be so. However, if he had been asked what was his second favourite language, he might well have replied, Frisian. Frisian is still alive and well as a language, and has more speakers than Icelandic at 400,000 +. It is the language most closely related to English – though the reverse is not true, for long proximity means that Frisian is now closer to its eastern neighbour, Dutch, than its western neighbour English. But the old connection is still visible, as one can tell from the first words of Anne Popkema’s new translation, De Hobbit: ‘Yn in hoal yn ‘e grûn wenne in hobbit. Net en aaklik, smoarch, wiet hoal, fol mei wjirmeintsjes…’ Speakers of related languages will soon get the hang of the language, and enjoy the sense of difference-with-familiarity. The names are cleverly adapted, and the poems read well and naturally. It’s a very welcome addition to the Tolkien corpus.

Tom Shippey

Der Hobbit (German)

Klett-Cotta, 2010. 1st edition. Hardback. Cover by Max Meinzold.*

Der Hobbit - Alan Lee (German)

Klett-Cotta, 2009. 1st edition. Hardback. Illustrated by Alan Lee.*

Der Hobbit (German) Klett-Cotta, 2011

Klett-Cotta, 2011. 1st edition thus. Hardback. Large print edition. Cover and illustrations by Max Meinzold.*

Bilbo le hobbit. J'ai lu, 1974 (French)

French Hobbit

Pocket. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

Bilbo le Hobbit. Stock, 1978

French Hobbit

Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition (dustjacket missing).

Hobbitus Ille (latin)

HarperCollins, 2012. Reprint. Hardback. Illustrated in b&w by Tolkien.

Fascinating for Latin learners and for Tolkien fans of all ages, The Hobbit has been translated into Latin for the first time since its publication 75 years ago.

In foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus. (‘In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.’)

The Hobbit, is one of the world’s most popular classic stories, appealing to adults as much as to the children for whom J.R.R. Tolkien first wrote the book. Translated worldwide into more than 60 modern languages, now Hobbitus Ille is finally published in Latin, and will be of interest to all those who are studying the language, whether at school or at a higher level.

In the great tradition of publishing famous children’s books in Latin, professional classicist and lifelong Tolkien fan Mark Walker provides a deft translation of the entire book. His attention to detail, including the transformation of Tolkien’s songs and verses into classical Latin metres, will fascinate and entertain readers of all ability, even those with only a minimal acquaintance with the language.

Lo Hobbit Annotato (Italian)

Bompiani, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback. Illustrated. The Italian translation of Douglas Anderson's The Annotated Hobbit.*

Lo Hobbit. CDE, 1992

Milan, 1992. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). Cover by Tolkien. The Italian LOTR and Silmarillion in this set are also available. Antiquarian: fine condition.*