Stuart M. Kaminsky, Midnight Pass

A Lew Fonesca Mystery

Doherty, 2003. 1st edition. Paperback. Advance Uncorrected Proof. Lew tries to find a town council member who has gone missing.

Douglas Kennedy, The Job

Hyperion, 1998. "When a salesman is fired he accepts a job he should not have." 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Stephen King, Dreamcatcher

BCA, 2001. "Four childhood friends have to face the Dreamcatcher." Hardback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Don Herron (ed.), Reign of Fear

The Fiction and the Films of Stephen King

Underwood, 1992. 1st edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Bill Knox, Death Bytes

Constable, 1998. 1st edition. Hardback. Colin Thane investigates a murder in broad daylight in front of the supreme court.

Tsukasa Kobayashi, A Pictorial Record of Sherlock Holmes's London

Tokyo, 1984. 1st edition. Large paperback, filled with b&w illustrations and colour photographs of Sherlock Holmes' world. Text in English and Japanese. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Dean Koontz, Dragon Tears

Putnam, 1993. "Tuesday was a fine Californian day, full of sunshine and promise, until Harry Lyon had to shoot someone at lunch." 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

John Lawton, Sweet Sunday

London, 2002. 1st edition. Hardback. In the hippie summer of 1969 private eye Raines has to find a draft dodger.

Jim Lusby, Kneeling at the Altar

Uncorrected Book Proof

Gollancz, 1998. 1st edition. Paperback. Investigation in wrong doings in the church.

Jim Lusby, Crazy Man Michael

Gollancz, 2000. 1st edition. Hardback. DI Carl McCadden suspects his boss is playing a dirty game.

Nigel McCrery, The Spider's Web

St. Martin's Press, 1999. 1st edition. Hardback. A teenage boy is killed in a car accident. The pathologist thinks it is murder.

Maan Meyers, The Dutchman's Dilemma

Bantam Books, 1996. 1st edition in this form. Paperback. A murder story set in 1675 New York. Antiquarian: fine condition.

John Mortimer, Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders

Viking, 2004. A courtroom drama. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Frank Palmer, Black Gold

A Phil 'Sweeney' Todd Assignment

Constable, 1998. 1st edition. Hardback. Todd investigates the suicide of a suspect in jail.

Robert B. Parker, Trouble in Paradise

Putnam, 1998. 1st edition. Hardback. Jesse Stone must protect his town against a group of criminals.

Robert B. Parker, Hush Money

A Spenser Novel

Putnam, 1999. 1st edition. Hardback. Murder and corruption at an university.

James Patterson, The Lake House

BCA, 2003. 1st edition thus. Hardback. An FBI agent wants to protect three special children.

Elizabeth Peters, Lord of the Silent

Morrow, 2001. 1st edition. Hardback. An Egyptologist investigates crimies in 1915 Egypt.

Playboy Book of Crime and Suspense

Playboy Press, 1968. 1st edition. Paperback. Contains 28 short stories. Antiquarian: good condition.

Robert Rankin, A Dog Called Demolition

Doubleday, 1996. "Danny has an imaginary dog called Demolition". 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Karin Slaughter, Fractured (sampler)

Exclusive pre-publication sampler of the new Special Agent Will Trent detective. Century, 2008. Stapled wrapper.

Jerry Stahl, Plainclothes Naked

Uncorrected Proof

William Morrow, 2001. 1st edition. Paperback. An investigation by a self-loathing ex-junkie detective.

Chad Taylor, Shirker

Canongate, 2000. 1st edition. Paperback. "Penrose, part-time futures broker and full-time existentialist, finds the victim's wallet at the scene and is drawn obliquely into an attempt to explain this hideous event."

Morris West, The Devil's Advocate

Pocket Books, 1975. 4th printing. Paperback. "absorbing story of a man who was either saint or sinner - and the priest who must search his past." Antiquarian: good condition.

Donald E. Westlake (ed.), The Best American Mystery Stories 2000

Advance Reading Copy

Houghton Mifflin, 1999. 1st edition. Paperback. 20 short stories. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Douglas E. Wnter, Run

Advance Reader's Edition

Knopf, 2000. 1st edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: fine condition.