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C.S. Lewis, The Complete Chronicles of Narnia (paperbacks)

HarperCollins, 2005. Seven paperbacks in a slipcase, featuring artwork from the movie. 1st edition thus.
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Colin Duriez, A Field Guide to Narnia

Sutton, 2005

1st edition. Hardback. An alphabetic reference work to the work of Lewis.
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Colin Duriez, The C.S. Lewis Chronicles

The indispensible biography of the creator of Narnia. Full of little-known facts, events and miscellany

DLT, 2005. With a foreword by Brian Sibley. 1st edition. Paperback.

Michael Gerber, The Chronicles of Blanria

A spaceship landed on Earth

Holiday Films. Colour. 6 minutes. In a -slightly damaged- clamshell.
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Tom Lloyd, The Stormcaller

Gollancz, 2006. The youth Isak suddenly finds himself the heir of a land in war and turmoil. 1st edition. Paperback. New (but a small crease in bottom right corner).

Tom Lloyd, The Twilight Herald

The Twilight Reign: book 2

Gollancz, 2007. Uncorreced Bound Proof. The new Lord of the Farlan has to face an assassination attemp, a rebellion at home and a new danger coming from Scree.

Tom Lloyd, Moon's Artifice

Gollancz, 2013. 1st edition. Paperback. In a quiet corner of the Imperial City, Investigator Narin discovers the result of his first potentially lethal mistake. Minutes later he makes a second. After an unremarkable career Narin finally has the chance of promotion to the hallowed ranks of the Lawbringers - guardians of the Emperor's laws and bastions for justice in a world of brutal expediency. Joining that honoured body would be the culmination of a lifelong dream, but it couldn't possibly have come at a wrong time. Demon-spirts now haunt the shadows and Gods watch from the sky, while Narin and a handful of uncertain friends begin to uncover a horrifying conspiracy.*

Tom Lloyd, Old Man's Ghosts

Gollancz, 2015. 1st edition. Paperback. Sequel of Moon's Artifice. Narin and his friends find themselves thrown into the middle of a terrifying dangerous game in the Imperial City.*

Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies

The fascinating story of the new earth-space transportation system

Brownell, 1977. 1st edition. Paperback. Illustrated. Antiquarian: very good condition

Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves

Book Three of the Genteman Bastard sequence

Gollancz, 2016. 1st edition. Paperback. The con artist Locke must rig an election, but he is opposted by his great love, an equally good con artist.*

R.A. MacAvoy, King of the Dead

Lens of the World, book 2

Morrow, 1991. Uncorrected Bound Galleys. Paperback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

John Marco, The Eyes of God

A picture chronology of man in space exploration

Galina, 1969. Paperback. Illustrated. Antiquarian: very good condition.

John Marco, The Devil's Armour

Gollancz, 2005. 1st edition. Paperback. The sequel of The Eyes of God. Antiquarian: very good condition.

John Marco, The Sword of Angels

Gollancz, 2006. 1st edition. Paperback. The sequel of The Devil's Armour.

Juliet E. McKenna, The Thief´s Gamble

The First Tale of Einarinn

Orbit, 1999. 1st edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: good condition.

Karen MIller, The Falcon Throne

The Tarnished Crown, book 1

Orbit, 2014. 1st edition. Hardback.

n a divided Kingdom, some will do anything to seize the crown.

A BASTARD LORD, rising up against his tyrant cousin, sheds more blood than he bargained for.

A ROYAL CHILD, believed dead, sets his eyes on regaining his father's stolen throne.*

Keith Miller, The Book of Flying

Penguin, 2005. Librarian Pico is going to get his wings to impress the girl he loves. 1st edition. Paperback.

Sarah Monette, The Mirador

Ace, 2007. 1st edition. Hardback. The third novel with the wizard Felix and his half-brother Mildmay.

Michael Moorcock, The Masters of the Pit

Warrior of Mars Trilogy, book 3

Lancer SF, 1965. Paperback. "The Green Death, the curse of ancient Mars, strikes against Michael Kane!". Published before as Barbarians of Mars. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Peter Newman, The Vagrant

Voyager, 2015. 1st edition. Paperback. In a world dominated by demons a dangerous journey has to be taken to bring men's last hope -a sword- to the last bastion of mankind.*

Mark Charan Newton, Nights of Villjamur

The Legends of the Red Sun, boek 1

Tor, 2009. Uncorrected Proof Copy. Paperback.

Political intrigue and dark violence converge in a superb new action series of enthralling fantasy. An ice age strikes a chain of islands, and thousands come to seek sanctuary at the gates of Villjamur: a city of ancient spires and bridges, a place where banshees wail the deceased, cultists use forgotten technology for their own gain and where, further out, the dead have been seen walking across the tundra.When the Emperor commits suicide, his elder daughter, Rika, is brought home to lead the Jamur Empire, but the sinister Chancellor plans to get rid of her and claim the throne for himself. Meanwhile a senior investigator in the city inquisition must solve the high-profile and savage murder of a city politician, whilst battling evils within his own life, and a handsome and serial womanizer manipulates his way into the imperial residence with a hidden agenda. When reports are received that tens of thousands of citizens are dying in a bizarre genocide on the northern islands of the Empire, members of the elite Night Guard are sent to investigate. It seems that, in this land under a red sun, the long winter is bringing more than just snow. *


Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Burning Tower

Orbit, 2005

In a mythological past of Californië Tep's Town (i.e. Los Angeles) is besieged by Terror Birds. Lord Sandry and his lover, the Indian Burning Tower, are trying to find out where the birds are coming from. The stand-alone sequel to The Burning City. 1st edition. Hardback.

Ben Peek, The Godless

Children, book 1

Tor, 2014. Paperback. Fifteen thousand years after the War of the Gods and their corpses now lie scattered across the world, slowly dying as men and women awake with strange powers that are derived from their bodies. While some see these powers as a gift - most call them a curse. Antiquarian: very good condition (small tear in the back flap).*

Ben Peek, Leviathan's Blood

Children, book 2

Macmillan, 2016. 1st edition. Paperback. A new god has risen, a city has fallen, a warrior has arrived.*

Ben Peek, The Eternal Kingdom

Children, book 3

Macmillan, 2017. 1st edition. Paperback. 

A nation in fragments

On the shores of Yeflam, Ayae struggles to keep her people together. She acts as liaison between the camp leaders and the immortals who could save them. Zaifyr’s immortal siblings have arrived – but they have their own unfathomable agendas and Ayae is caught in their power games.

An army on the march

Heast has returned to his role as Captain of Refuge, a mercenary unit that answers the call of lost causes. With help from an unexpected source, Heast and his band of mercenaries could turn the tide of war – if they live long enough.

A world in danger

Bueralan Le is trapped in the company of the new god child. Though he fights to prevent her from unleashing her forces on the world, he is bound by blood to her darkest creation. The future of the world may depend on his choices.*

Alexey Pehov, Shadow Chaser

The Chronicles of Siala 2

Simon&Schuster, 2009. 1st editon. Paperback.

The adventures of Shadow Harold continue in Shadow Chaser….

Saddened because they have left one of their number in a grave in the wilderness, Harold and his band of outcasts continue their journey towards the dreaded underground palace of Hrad Spein. But before they can reach their goal, they must overcome all manner of obstacles, fight many battles…and evade the frightful enemies on their trail.

Once they have breached Hrad Spein, a task entire armies of warriors and wizards have failed to achieve, Harold must venture, alone, into the secret heart of the most dangerous place in his world. There he will fight legions of untold mysterious powers before he can complete the quest for the magic horn that will save his beloved land from The Nameless One. *

Daniel Polansky, The Straight Razor Cure

Hodder&Stoughton, 2011. Uncorrected Proof. Paperback. Welcome to Low Town.

Here, the criminal is king. The streets are filled with the screeching of fish hags, the cries of swindled merchants, the inviting murmurs of working girls. Here, people can disappear, and the lacklustre efforts of the guard ensure they are never found.

Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

A Discworld novel

Doubleday, 2001. 1st edition. Hardback.*
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Raiders of the Lost Art - Mad 228

Magazine, January 1982. Contains spoofs of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Outland and All In the Family. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Melanie Rawn, The Dragon Token

Dragon Star: book 2

Daw, 1992. "The High Prince must gather his forces to repel the invaders". 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Melanie Rawn, Skybowl

Dragon Star: book 3

Macmillan, 1995. In the devastating campaign against the people of the Desert, Prince Rohan's army is set against the invaders. 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Rod Rees, The Demi-Monde: Winter

Quercus, 2011. 1st edition. Paperback. The Demi-Monde is the most advanced simulation ever devised. Thirty million people ruled by history's cruellest tyrants, locked in eternal civil conflict. The intention: to create the closest thing to Hell, and prepare soldiers for the nightmarish environment of war.But something has gone badly wrong. Reinhard Heydrich - or at least a simulacrum resembling the Nazi monster - has kidnapped the President's daughter from the Real-World and concealed her within the Demi-Monde, making it impossible for the program to be switched off. This achieved, he has cut off all contact with reality.It falls to Ella Thomas, a young jazz singer, to infiltrate Heydrich's virtual domain and rescue the missing girl. But once inside she will discover that everything in the Demi-Monde is not as it seems, and that the Real-World may be in more danger than everyone outside realises . . .The Demi-Monde: Winter introduces readers to one of the most believable, almost extravagantly detailed worlds ever created, where history's most fascinating figures and cruellest tyrants rub shoulders with a rich cast of characters. In a fast-paced, action-packed narrative Rod Rees manages to explore some of life's deepest dilemmas, and suffuses the story throughout with wit and humour.*

Mickey Zucker Reichert, Flight of the Renshai

Daw, 2010. 1st edition in this form. Paperback.Prejudice against the Renshai is growing rapidly, fueled by their old enemies in the Northlands, who have convinced a faction in Erythane that the Renshai lands were stolen from them, forcing the King to banish the Renshai from the Westlands.

Shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen, the Renshai will face many trials before rallying together against a common enemy determined to destroy them once and for all. *

Lane Robins, Maledicte

Ballantine, 2008. 1st edition. Paperback. A girl dresses as a boy to enter court to find her kidnapped boyfriend and to get her revenge.*

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Scholastic, 2000. Illustrated by Mary Grandpré. 1st edition. Hardback.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Fey: Changeling

Orion, 1996. The battle for the Blue Isle gets into a new phase with the birth of the first Elven-human child. 1st edition. Hardback.

Alan Scott and Michael Scott Rohan, Fantastic People

Magical Races of Myth and Legend

Pierrot, 1980. 1st edition. Hardback. Description of many invented creatures, trolls, shapeshifters to elves. Illustrated. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

A.J. Smith, The Black Guard

First Chronicle of the Long War

Head of Zeus, 2013. 1st edition. Paperback.

The Duke of Canarn is dead, executed by the King's decree. The city lies in chaos, its people starving, sickening, and tyrannized by the ongoing presence of the King's mercenary army. But still hope remains: the Duke's children, the Lord Bromvy and Lady Bronwyn, have escaped their father's fate.

Separated by enemy territory, hunted by the warrior clerics of the One God, Bromvy undertakes to win back the city with the help of the secretive outcasts of the Darkwald forest, the Dokkalfar. The Lady Bronwyn makes for the sanctuary of the Grass Sea and the warriors of Ranen with the mass of the King's forces at her heels. And in the mountainous region of Fjorlan, the High Thain Algenon Teardrop launches his Dragon Fleet against the Red Army. Brother wars against brother in this, the epic first volume of the long war. *

Brian Stableford, The Empire of Fear

Signed and inscribed by the author

Simon&Schuster, 1988. 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

"set in a world, run by vampires"*

Jonathan Stroud, Heroes of the Valley

Proof Copy

Doubleday, 2009. 1st edition. Paperback. 'Halli's pranks make the old rivalries among the tribes in the valley flare up. It is his job to end them."