Uruk-hai Swordsman helm

Weta 2584. 2018. Height: 7"/18 cm.

Hoping to strike a decisive blow, SAruman the White, falles Wizard and pawn of the Dark Lord, sent his army of Uruk.hai to make war upon the people of Rohan. Rank upon rank of specialized troops marched across the plains of the Westfold beneath heavy helms of black iron, each adorned with a crest shaped according to their function.

The Wizard's forces laid siege to King Theoden's refugees and meagre army at the fortress of Helm's Deep. With sword, tooth and claw the attackers tore at the stone walls, till by sorcery and sheer force of numbers the defences were breached. Blood-crazed Uruk-hai surged through the gap, overwhelming the Deep's defenders. Uruk swordsmen wearing blade-cheeked helms and bearing long, straight-edged swords hewed their was through Elves and Rohirrim. Cutaway beneath the nose, the brutes' helms left the swordsmen's mouths free to bite out the throats of their enemies.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.*

Great Personalities First Day Cover (17/1)

First Day Cover, featuring all 5 stamps, cancelled on the day of release, Dec 31, 2017. Limited to 400 copies.*

Great Personalities Mini Sheet

All five stamps from the Kyrgyz Express Post.*

Great Personalities Tolkien mini-sheet

Sheet with four copies of the Tolkien stamp from the Kyrgyz Express Post.*

Great Personalities Maxi Card Tolkien

Postcard with a portrait of Tolkien, with the Tolkien stamp affixed at the bottom, cancelled on the day of release (Dec 31, 2017). On the back a nice drawing of the Black Riders charging through the Ring. Designed by Vladimir Melnic. Limited to 300 pieces.*