The Tolkien Ensemble, The Lord of the Rings box

Slipcase containing the cd's An Evening in Rivendell and A Night in Rivendell with new covers.*

The Tolkien Ensemble and Christopher Lee, At Dawn in Rivendell

The Lord of the Rings. Songs and Poems by J.R.R. Tolkien

Twenty tracks with text by Tolkien, performed by this Danish company of classical scholed musicians. In English. In the inlay are all the lyrics given. Illustrated. Christopher Lee is the narrator and sings the Song of Treebeard. Cd, 2002.

The Tolkien Ensemble, Leaving Rivendell

With Christopher Lee

The fourth and final cd.


1. Riddle of Strider (II)
2. Verse of the Rings (II)
3. Bregalad's Song
4. Legolas' Song of the Sea
5. Song of the Elves Beyond the Sea - Galadriel's Song of Eldamar (II)
6. Oliphaunt
7. Ents' Marching Song
8. Galadriel's Messages
9. Song of Eärendil
10. Song of Durin
11. Tom Bombadil's Song (III) I Had an Errand There...
12. Wight's Chant
13. Ho! Tom Bombadil (II)
14. Tom Bombadil's Song (IV)
15. Théodon's Battle Cry
16. At Théodon's Death
17. Snowmane's Epitaph
18. Burial Song of Théodon
19. Long List of the Ents, No. 2
20. Sam's Invocation of Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel


The Tolkien Ensemble, The Lord of the Rings in Concert programme booklet

Programme booklet in colour of the concerts The Tolkien Ensemble gave in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2009. Contains info on the musicians, narrator Christopher Lee, Tolkien and his work (all in Danish). Illustrated. Stapled wrappers.

Thraval Art, The First Ring

Cd, 1994. Six tracks. 24 minutes. Style: mix of electronic and folk. Tolkienian influences; for instance the first part of the ringpoem is sung. In English.

Uruk-hai, The Battle

Cd, 2006. Nine tracks from this Spanish heavy metal band (no Tolkien lyrics).

Uruk-hai, Lost Songs from Middle Earth

Aphelion, 2007. Cd with 7 instrumental tracks with titles like "Ecthelion", "Last March of the Orcs" and "The Shire". Style: new age.*

Windstill, Frodos Abenteuer

Lieder und Musik nach J.R.R. Tolkiens Herr der Ringe

Text by Tolkien, sung in German. Dubble cd. Style: folk muziek. Only 500 copies made. Cd, 2000

Winter Poems. Music of Glenn Buhr

CBC Records, 1999

Contains the symphony "Beren and Lúthien" (21.27 minuten). Performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Cd.

Za Frûmi, Barrow Wights

Tom Bombadil Collection

The Tom Bombadil’s Collection will release highly-collectible book-CDs with texts and music based on Tolkien’s works. The first release is Za Frûmi’s «Barrow Wights», a highly-cinematic, epic and martial piece of dark-fantasy music, sung/narrated in dark-elfish and black-speech. It’s released in a hard-cover + slipcase 24-A5 pages illustrated booklet (with a thesis about the wights) with CD, in a limited edition of 1.000 numbered copies.*

Sally Oldfield, Water Bearer

Ariola, 1978. LP with -amongst others- Song of the Quendi, with quotes from The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. Antiquarian: very good condition (no scratches on the album).*