Peter Malone, The Hobbit postcard, Tolkein

Royal Mail, 1998

In 1998 a set of five stamps where issued in Britain with the theme Magical Worlds: Classical Fantasy Books for Children. This the postcard featuring the art for The Hobbit stamp. On this one Tolkien's name is misspelled, Tolkein. These were withdrawn, but I managed to hold on to a few.*

Capuchine Mazille, Leaf by Niggle postcard


The original painting of this postcard is also available from The Tolkien Shop.*

L. Michelucii, King Théoden leads the attack postcard


Alisa Mueller, J.R.R. Tolkien postcards

Wade Center, 1987

Set of 12 b/w postcards with enveloppes with 4 designs: Merton Tower, 20 and 22 Northmoor Road (where Tolkien has lived) and a dragon.

Ted Nasmith, Set of 12 Tolkien postcards

ADC, 2008. Set of 12 double postcards with envelopes. On the front a picture by Ted Nasmith in colour, on the inside the title of the piece with the relevant quote from the works by Tolkien. In the set are: "The Riders of Rohan", "Gandalf and the Balrog upon Celebdil", "The Great Tree at Caras Galadhon", "Gandalf Rides to Minas Tirith", "Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin", "Tol Brandir", "Túrin Reaches the Abandoned Homestead", "The Blue Wizards Journeying East", "Green Hill Morning", "The Elves at Woody End", "One Morning Long Ago", "The End of the Age" (pictured on the left). Sizes vary.*

Renshof and Ploeg, set of 5 Tolkien postcards

Set of 5 double postcards with enveloppes. Three illustration for The Hobbit and two for Farmer Giles of Ham. In a plastic sleeve with a sixth card, numbered and signed by both illustrators. Limited to 250 sets.

Faith Tolkien, postcard of the Tokien bust

The full-size bust that Faith (the first wife of Christopher) made of her father-in-law is in the English Faculty Library in Oxford.

Chris Vandendriessche, Orcs postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.*

Chris Vandendriessche, The Chamber of Mazarbûl postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.*

Chris Vandendriessche, Bilbo gives the Ring to Gandalf postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.*

Chris Vandendriessche, Bilbo give the Ring to Gandalf. Oversized postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.

Chris Vandendriessche, Ringwraiths in Bree postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.*

Chris Vandendriessche, The Mirror of Galadriel postcard

Double postcard with enveloppe.*

Promo postcard of the Finnish stageproduction of The Hobbit

This large postcard (4x8"/10x21 cm) shows the cast of the Kuopion Kaupungin Teatteri company which in 1997 staged a theatre production of The Hobbit in Finnish. Card shows Bilbo, Gandalf en the dwarves.