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Tolkien, The Hill: Hobbiton-across the Water poster

Bodleian Library, 2003

Poster features one of the illustrations Tolkien did for The Hobbit. 15x24"/42x59 cm.*

Map of Beleriand and the Land to the North

George Allen & Unwin, 1979. 1st printing. Map drawns by Christopher Tolkien and coloured by H.E. Riddett. Above and below the map are heraldic devices, designed by Tolkien. 20x30"/ 51x76 cm. A rare poster. Antiquarian: very good condition (folded, the four corners reinforced by triangulal pieces of paper, pinholes on the corners. The colours are sharp).*

Chris Achilleos, The Host of Chaos poster

Zurich, 2002

Sauron towers above Barad-dûr, his army streaming out of the gate. 24x36"/60x90 cm.*

Cartel, The Habit poster

Parody of the Jim Cauty Lord of the Rings poster. Gandalf and a handfull of hobbits, all stoned out of their minds. In roundels are pictured pot smoking Gollum and Smaug. 24x36"/60x89 cm.*

Steve Hickman, Battle before the Gate poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Gandalf on Gwaihir. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, The Dread Vale poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Gollum, Frodo and Sam. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, The Invisible Thief poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Bilbo and Smaug. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, Watcher at the Gate poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

The Fellowship before the gate of Moria. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

John Howe, Gandalf and the Balrog poster

999 Games, 1996.

20x28"/50x70 cm.*

John Howe, The Dark Tower poster

999 Games, 1996

Nazgûl flyes around Barad-dûr. 20x20"/49x49 cm.*

Marjatta Kuisvato, Smaug poster

Publicity poster of the Finnish theatre production of The Hobbit from 1997: Hobitti. 12x24"/30x62 cm. Pictured a drawing of Smaug.

Immagini della Terra di Mezzo portfolio


Printed folder containing 7 unfolded posters by various Italian artists: "Ent", "Frodo touches the Mallorn in Lothlórien", "Minas Morgul", "Leaf by Niggle", "Chrysophylax", "Thorin Oakenshield", "Black Riders in the Shire". 12x18"/29x45 cm.*

Alan Lee, Celebrate 60 years of The Hobbit poster


Publicity poster for the 1997 edition of The Hobbit, illustrated by Alan Lee. The front shows the cover of the book, the reverse a b/w picutre of Tolkien. 12x25"/30x64 cm.

Rodney Matthews, Treebeard poster


24x36"/61x87 cm. Treebeard, Merry and Pippin.*

Rodney Matthews, The Dwarves of Belegost poster

24x36"/61x87 cm. Dwarves fight a dragon.*

Rodney Matthews, The Dwarves of Belegost poster - signed

24x36"/61x87 cm. Dwarves fight a dragon. Signed on the bottom by Rodney Matthews.*

Rodney Matthews, The Nine Set Out poster

Essex, 2000

24x36"/61x87 cm.*

Petar Meseldzija, Gandalf poster

Gothic style. A rather angry Gandalf fights an Orc. 24x36"/62x94 cm.*

Petar Meseldzija, Shadow Comes poster

Gothic style. A heard of orcs under the head of Sauron. 24x36"/62x94 cm.

Luca Michelucci, Frodo confronts the Witch-king poster

Italian Tokien Society, 1995

Printed on heavy stock. 19x27"/48x68 cm.*
Poster has text below the picture

Ted Nasmith, Éowyn and the Witch-king poster

Publicity poster of an exhibition of Nasmith's work in Roanne, France, in 1999. 16x24"/40x60 cm. Only 300 copies printed.*

Irvine Peacock, The View over Isengard poster

Anabas, 1995

Gandalf and a warrior look out over a landscape. 24x35"/61x87 cm.*

Polish promo-poster Lord of the Rings

Issued in 1981 by CIA Books to promote their new paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings in Polish: Wladca Pierscieni. It features the artwork for the three paperbacks, done by Adam Drogomirecki, as one painting. Pictured are the covers. 36x13"/90x33 cm. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

Peter Pracownik, The Company poster

Zurich, 2001

SM0052. 36x24"/93x61 cm. The Fellowship inside a decorated border.*

Peter Pracownik, The Great Journey poster

Zurich, 2001

SM0061. 36x24"/93x61 cm. Various scenes from The Lord of the Rings.*

Peter Pracownik, Gollum poster

Zurich, 2001

LOTR3679. 24x36"/61x93 cm.*

Darlo Righetto, The Fellowship travels South poster

Poster on heavy stock, released by the Italian Tolkien Society in 2008. 20x28"/50x70 cm.*

Photo of Tolkien poster

HarperCollins publicity poster with a b&w picture of  Tolkien. 12x26"/30x64 cm.

Leen Zuydgeest, Hobbits in Holland poster

Publicity poster for the Tolkien exhibition "Hobbits in Holland", held in 1992 at the Royal Library in the Hague, Holland. The drawing shows hobbits in a boat on the coast of Holland. 16x23"/37x58 cm.*

J.R.R. Tolkien. 1892-1992 poster

Publicity poster of the Tolkien exhibition held in 1992 in Antwerps, Belgium. Shows a nazgûl and the Ring. 20x28"/51x71 cm.

In de Ban van de Muziek: Tolkien in Delfshaven poster

Publicity poster of the Road Goes Ever On concert in Delfshaven, Holland, held on 10 june 1995. In green/brown colours. Under the text a painting of Weathertop. 13x18"/32x45 cm.

J.R.R. Tolkien: een man en zijn wereld poster

Jette, 2000

Publicity poster of the Tolkien exhibition, held in October 2000 in Jette, Belgium. It shows Tolkien's monogram, part of the map of Middle-earth and the logo of Elanor, the Flemish Tolkiensociety. 17x24"/42x59 cm.

Brian Sibley, The Map of Tolkien's Beleriand and the Lands to the North

HarperCollins, 2002

Booklet with a fold-out map, illustrated by John Howe.*

La Mappa del Silmarillion di Tolkien. Rusconi, 1999

Booklet by Paolo Guisano in Italian, with a large fold-out map of Beleriand and Valinor (36x33"/90x82 cm), illustrated by Luca Michelucci. 1st edition. Signed by the author.*

Map of Rohan and Gondor poster


36x25"/90x64 cm.*

The Return of the King map of Middle-earth

Reduced from 39.50 euro to just 25 euro!

Printed on heavy, handmade paper. 19x19"/47x47 cm. Map by Tolkien, redrawn by Daniel Reeve, who made the maps in the Jackson' movies. Limited. Very much suited for framing.*