La Mappa del Silmarillion di Tolkien. Rusconi, 1999

Booklet by Paolo Guisano in Italian, with a large fold-out map of Beleriand and Valinor (36x33"/90x82 cm), illustrated by Luca Michelucci. 1st edition. Signed by the author.*

Map of Rohan and Gondor poster


36x25"/90x64 cm.*

The Return of the King map of Middle-earth

Reduced from 39.50 euro to just 25 euro!

Printed on heavy, handmade paper. 19x19"/47x47 cm. Map by Tolkien, redrawn by Daniel Reeve, who made the maps in the Jackson' movies. Limited. Very much suited for framing.*

Valar - Maiar - Istari poster

Large poster (24x36"/60x84 cm) on heavy stock with all the Valar, Maiar and Istari from the Ainulindalë. Made by the German artist Wolfanita.*