In de Ban van de Muziek: Tolkien in Delfshaven poster

Publicity poster of the Road Goes Ever On concert in Delfshaven, Holland, held on 10 june 1995. In green/brown colours. Under the text a painting of Weathertop. 13x18"/32x45 cm.

J.R.R. Tolkien: een man en zijn wereld poster

Jette, 2000

Publicity poster of the Tolkien exhibition, held in October 2000 in Jette, Belgium. It shows Tolkien's monogram, part of the map of Middle-earth and the logo of Elanor, the Flemish Tolkiensociety. 17x24"/42x59 cm.

Valar - Maiar - Istari poster

Large poster (24x36"/60x84 cm) on heavy stock with all the Valar, Maiar and Istari from the Ainulindalë. Made by the German artist Wolfanita.*