Map of Rohan and Gondor poster


36x25"/90x64 cm.*

Elven warriors poster


Scène from the Prologue: a line of Elven swordfighters await the attacking orcs. 25x36"/64x90 cm.*

The four hobbits on Weathertop poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Gandalf the Grey poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Fighting Gandalf. Italian poster

27x40 cm/70x100 cm. Text in Italian.*

Fighting Gandalf promo-poster HarperCollins

A publicity poster released by HarperCollins to pursuade the moviegoers to buy the books. Shows Gandalf and the latest pocket edition of The Lord of the Rings. 24x35"/61x85 cm.

Portrait of a fighting Gandalf PR-poster

Promotional poster released by the Belgian filmdistributor for The Return of the King. Folded twice. Text in English. 27x40"/70x100 cm.

Arwen mini-poster

16x20"/40x50 cm.*

Frodo and the Ring poster

The Ring inscription is reflected in Frodo's face. 25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Eyes of Saruman poster


Saruman looms above Mount Doom. Beneath Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn. 25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Ringwraith: Dark servants of Sauron mini-poster

16x20"/40x50 cm.*

Ringwraith: Dark servants of Sauron poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Ringwraith in thunderstorm poster

25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Villains poster (Saruman, Lurtz, nazgûl, orcs)


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

"Bring Them to Me - Alive and Unspoiled" poster


Saruman. 25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Eye of Sauron poster


25x36"/64x90 cm. The eye of Sauron with the Ring poem around it, above Isengard.*

Sauron in armour poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

The One Ring door poster

21x63"/53x158 cm.

Moria Orcs poster


f25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Isengard Orc poster

25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Frodo receives Sting in Rivendell poster


24x36"/64x90 cm.*

Frodo receives Sting in Rivendell mini-poster

16x20"/30x40 cm. The poster looks slightly different than in the picture; the logo is on the top left and there is a border around the poster.*

Scared Frodo holds Ring poster

25x36"/69x90 cm.*

Scared Frodo. Italian poster

27x40"/70x100 cm. Text in Italian.*

Legolas "A Red Sun Rises" poster


25x36"/69x90 cm.*

Legolas in armour poster


25x36/64x90 cm.*

Legolas mozaic poster


25x36"/69x90 cm.*

Legolas on the banks of the Anduin poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Pirates of the Caribbean poster: Orlando Bloom


25x36"/64x90 cm.*

Legolas aims an arrow panorama poster


36x12"/91x30 cm.*

Gollum "My Preciouss" poster


25x36"/64x90 cm.

Gollum. Italian promo-poster

27x40"/70x100 cm. Printed on glossy paper.*

Arwen. New Zealand promo--poster

Issued by Mobil Oil in New Zealand as a promo-poster. Shows Arwen with sword drawn. Printed on glossy paper. 24x18"/59.5x42 cm.*

Arwen portrait mini-poster

16x20"/40x50 cm.

Arwen. Italian promo-poster

27x40"/70x100 cm. Printed on glossy paper. Text in Italian.*

Russian Two Towers promo-poster

A collage of stills from the second movie with the text "J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers" in Russian and a 2001 calendar. 17x24"/43x62. New, but the condition is more fine.

The Return of the King map of Middle-earth

Reduced from 39.50 euro to just 25 euro!

Printed on heavy, handmade paper. 19x19"/47x47 cm. Map by Tolkien, redrawn by Daniel Reeve, who made the maps in the Jackson' movies. Limited. Very much suited for framing.*

Frodo in Mount Doom panoramaposter


36x12"/91x30 cm.*
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Fellowship of the Ring panorama print


37x13"/95x33 cm. Printed on heavy stock.

New Zealand Map of Middle-earth


An awesome overview of The Lord Of The Rings film locations in New Zealand - Daniel Falconer's map covers the length and breadth of New Zealand and pinpoints how Tolkien's Middle-earth transplants to the geography of New Zealand.

The size is A3 (16.5x11.7"/42x29.7 cm), it's printed on nice heavy stock and it ships rolled up and protected in a cardboard tube. 

Whether it be Weathertop or Amon Hen you want to visit, you will be able to find it on this map.*