Photo's, lobby cards


Set of 6 Italian Fellowship lobby cards

Six poster size (30x19"/67x47 cm) lobbycards made available to the cinema's. On each is printed the title Il Signore degli Anelli: La Campagnia dell'Anello, the cast list and two stills: Council of Elrond/Galadriel, Legolas/Lurtz, Frodo and Sam/Arwen,Gandalf/Orc, Black Rider/Frodo, Black Riders/Weathertop.

Set of 8 German lobby cards Fellowship/Two Towers

Seven large stills from The Fellowship and one from The Two Towers. 12x8"/29.5x21 cm. The pictures are numbered and have the movie logo in German.*

Set of 12 French Fellowship lobby cards

Twelve colourphotographs from the Fellowship of the Ring (17x10"/42x25 cm) with a large still from the movie on the left or right and smaller frame with a portrait shot on the other side. Plus the movielogo in French.

Gandalf at the Council of Elrond lobby card

New Line Cinema, 2001. High quality photograph, made available the cinemas the promote The Fellowship of the Ring movie.*

The Two Towers lobby card

"The Journey Continues December 2002"
Publicity picture, released in 2001, to promote the upcoming second Lord of the Rings movie. 12x9"/29x21 cm*