A strategy game from the 90'ties, based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

For a long time this was a very popular collectible card game because of its great playability and the nice artwork by people like Alan Lee, John Howe and Ted Nasmith. It still has its followers.


The Dark Tower Collectors Binder

999 Games

Three-rings binder to collect the cards in. On the cover artwork by John Howe.*

Dutch promo-card Fury of the Iron Crown

999 Games

German promo-card Dat Wüten der Eiseren Krone

German promo-card Die Eiserne Krone

German promo-card Schwarzer Pfeil

German promo-card Zirperkirper

Spanish promo-card Flecha Negra

Dragons promo-card Ireful Flames

German Dragons promo-card Flammen des Zorns

The Lidless Eye promo-card The Arkenstone

The Lidless Eye promo-card Deadly Dart

Witch-king of Angmar (Dutch)

Single, limited edition card.

Hoarmûrath of Dir (German)

Single, limited edition card by Liz Danford.

Hoarmûrath of Dir (Dutch)

Single, limited edition card by Liz Danford.

Dwar of Waw, unlimited

Single, unlimited edition card.

Dwar of Waw (French)

Single, limited edition card.

Indûr Dawndeath (German) signed

Single, limited edition card, signed and dated (2001) on the front in black by the artist who made the illustration, Liz Danford.

Indûr Dawndeath (Dutch)

Single, limited edition card.

Akhôrahil (German)

Single, limited edition card.