Minas Tirith White Ale t-shirt


Great Goblin Grog t-shirt

Battle of the Five Amries Weapons t-shirt

Smaug and Bard t-shirt

The Battle of the Five Armies

Speak Friend and Enter t-shirt

Glows in the dark!

Portals: Mordor t-shirt

Cartoon Fellowship t-shirt

The Two Towers t-shirt

The Lord of the Rings t-shirt (gold)

Tree of Gondor t-shirt

Over the Hill t-shirt

Nameless terror t-shirt

The Grey Wizard t-shirt

Precious Ring t-shirt

Tolkien silhouet portrait t-shirt

by Jenny Dolfen

The Balrog t-shirt

Hobbit Quest t-shirt

The Legacy of the Shards of Narsil t--shirt

Gondor t-shirt

DĂșnedain t-shirt

Gandalf/The Road Goes Ever On t-shirt

Quest for Mount Doom t-shirt

You Shall Not Pass! t-shirt

The Duck Fellowship of the Ring t-shirt

Duck Tales of the Rings

The White Tree of Gondor t-shirt

Blind Guardian, Morgoth T-shirt. Size XL

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Precious Journey t-shirt

Winter Fellowship t-shirt

Good versus Evil t-shirt

Rivendell t-shirt

Old Toby Pipe-weed t-shirt

One Ring to Rule Them All t-shirt

"You Have My Axe" t-shirt

Maiar Gandalf t-shirt

Bag-End front door t-shirt

Sunset on Middle-earth t-shirt

In a Hole in the Ground There Lived a Hobbit t-shirt

Keeper of the Mountain: Smaug t-shirt

Weapons of Middle-earth t-shirt

Helm and Eye of Sauron t-shirt (24/4)

I simply walked into Mordor t-shirt (30/5)