Elrond pin

Enameled metal. 2x1.8"/5x4.5 cm.*

Set Lord of the Rings cartoon buttons

Complete set of 6 large promo-buttons (3"/7 cm), featuring characters from the Ralph Bakshi' cartoonmovie The Lord of the Rings: Frodo, Aragorn, Bilbo, Gandalf, Sam, Gollum. These is a warehouse find, so eventhough the buttons -released in 1978- are well over 30 years old, they look like new.*

Fellowship of the Ring promo button

New Line Cinema
Square button (2,3"/5.3x7.9 cm) issued by the filmcompany to promote the first movie. Pictured is Frodo, Ring in hand, and the text One Ring to Rule Them All. The Trilogy Begins December 2001.*

Portrait of Gandalf button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Gandalf studies the ring button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

The One Ring button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Fighting Gimli button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Four Black Riders button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Black Rider button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Seated Arwen button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Gollum's head. Enamel pin

Grey/green head of Gollum on a yellow triangle. Made in 1992 by the French Tolkien society La faculté des études elfiques. 1"/2.5 cm.*

Fear the Nazgûl! button

2.2"/5.7 cm

On a Quest button

2.2"/5.7 cm

The Lord of the Rings Pin Collection: Smeagol

Roadshow, 2003. Pin in the shape of the One Ring (with inscription) and a photo inside. 1"/2.5 cm.*

Gollum NCH pin

The Return of the King
NCH, 2003. Enamel pin of Gollum admirering the Ring. 1.2"/3.5 cm.*

Gollum Return of the King button

Oblong button, released in 2003, to promote the upcoming release of The Return of the King on DVD and VHS.*

Gandalf the Wizard pin

This enamel The Hobbit pin badge is an ideal pick up item that is great for adding character to clothing and bags. Inspired by the beloved character of Gandalf the Grey, the badge features a stylish Gandalf design that includes the word, "Wizard" with antique-style gold details that fans are sure to love.

Dimensions: 1.2"/3 (h) x 1.2"/3 (w) x 0.4"/0.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Backing card with euro slot
Composition: Zinc alloy*

Nobody Tosses a Dwarf pin

This embossed metal pin badge of Gimli's helmet, is limited to 9,995 worldwide and is individually numbered. Featuring one of the funniest quotes from one of the best characters from the films. 1.9x1.2"/4.5x3 cm.*