The Silmarillion


The Silmarillion De Luxe Folio edition

Folio Society, 1997. 1st edition. Quarter-leather bound in goatskin. In a leatherbound slipcase. Lettering and top of the book in gild. Illustrated in b&w by Francis Mosley. With fold-out map. Antiquarian: fine condition (small dent in the gilding on the top of the book).

The Silmarillion - Ballantine, 2002

Paperback. Cover by Mike Dringenberg.*

The Silmarillion - Ted Nasmith. HarperCollins 2004

Hardback. Reprint. Illustrated with 45 full-page colour plates by Ted Nasmith.*

The Silmarillion. HarperCollins, 2006

HarperCollins, 2006. Hardback. Reprint. Dustjacket art by Tolkien. Includes the letter from Tolkien to Milton Waldman*

The Silmarillion, Tolkien Reader, Unfinished Tales, Sir Gawain

Decorated slipcase with the pocket editions of Unfinished Tales, The Tolkien Reader, The Silmarillion and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Covers by Michael Dringenberg.*

The Silmarillion 30th Anniversary de luxe edition (reprint)

HarperCollins, 2007. Reprint. Bound in darkblue cloth in slipcase. On slipcase and cover the heraldic device of LĂșthien in gold by Tolkien. Limited edition.*

The Silmarillion. HarperCollins, 1999

Paperback. Reprint. Cover by Tolkien (Taniquetil).*

The Silmarillion. HarperCollins, 2013

Paperback. Reprint. Cover by Tolkien (Taniquetil).*