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HarperCollins, 2001

1st edition. Paperback.*

It's one of the most anticipated movies ever, and now you can see for yourself how the magic of Tolkien's fantasy masterpiece was created on screen in The Lord of the Rings: Official Movie Guide. Brian Sibley's straightforward approach takes the reader from the initial conception of the film, as it was developed and passed around studios (it initially started life as a two-hour condensed version of the three novels), to the months of complicated special effects works necessary to do justice to Tolkien's extraordinary imagination. There are interviews with the key cast and production members and all the proceedings are liberally decorated with full colour photographs from the film itself. Sibley manages to perfectly document the painstaking attention to detail by the filmmakers, much of which will be missed by many movie-goers, but he also captures a sense of camaraderie from all involved in their efforts to make the best movie possible. If it's facts and background trivia you're after then this is the best place to be and is the perfect starting point to those new to Tolkien or eager to find out more about how epic films are put together. Dedicated fans who have been following the filmmaking process via the internet won't find anything here they didn't already know, but this is still a very good companion