Pipe Thorin Oakenshield. Weta 1241

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Among the members of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, unique, exquisitely crafted pipes are a source of pride and much prized by their owners. The pipe of Thorin Oakenshield is sturdy and of Dwarven make, carved in a warm-hued timber and only lightly ornamented with a scaled pattern upon the faces of its faceted bowl. Much like Thorin Oakenshield himself, the pipe is rugged and practical, without fanciful trappings and decoration proclaiming its owner's royal heritage. The pipe was created for the film by the artists at the 3 Foot 7 Art Department. This non-functional prop replica has been created from molds of the original prop used in the film, using the same high impact urethane material as the props on set and finished using the same techniques and materials to achieve the same well-loved look as it has in the film. The pipe comes with a polystone display stand.*