Roger Levy, The Rig

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Titan Books, 2018. 1st edtion. Paperback.

Earth and the rest of the home solar system is empty of humanity, due to some unspecified catastrophe. But before that time, humans discovered another sun with “seven major planets and few minor ones….” Colonists in suspension (rigor vitae, just one of the many fab neologisms and repurposed words that Levy juicily deploys) traveled there at sublight speeds en masse. “Each bloc took one or two of the main planets, Heartsease, Spindrift, Magnificence, and the twin-mooned Vegaschrist…” Our main story venues will be three: the world of Gehenna, dominated by religious fundamentalists. The world of Bleak, dominated by the titular rigs, gigantic platforms and mechanisms that extract the valuable molten core-stuff of the planet. And the tiny world called Peco, dominated by the crimelord Ethan Drame. Additionally in the background lurks a sealed-off enigma world christened “the unsaid planet.”*