Buttons, pins


Tolkien portrait pin

Metal pin with a brass finish. 1.2x1.2"/3x3 cm. Portrait of a smiling Tolkien, pipe in mouth.*

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey pin set

Neca 46829. 2012. Set of thirteen pins, featuring Bilbo, Gandalf, Radagast and the dwarves. The pins are 1.4"/3.2 cm, except Bilbo (1.9"/4.5 cm).*

Desolation of Smaug buttons/badges

Set of 6 buttons. 2x1.2"/3.2 cm, 4 x 1"/2.5 cm.*

The Hobbit Pin-Back Button Set A


Set of four 1.2"/32 mm buttons.*

The Hobbit Pin-Back Button Set B


Set of four 1.2"/32 mm buttons.*

The Hobbit Pin-Back Button Set C


Set of four 1.2"/32 mm buttons.*

Bilbo Baggins Waistcoat Button pin. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1329. Bronze pin in the shape of the buttons on Bilbo Baggins waistcoat. 1.3"/3.2 cm diametre. In a decorated box.*

Durin's Day pin. Weta

Weta, 2013. To enter the lost realm of Erebor and reclaim his kingdom, Thorin Oakenshield™ must find the secret back door to the Mountain.

As revealed by magical moon runes on his map, any who would seek access to the hidden way must ‘stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin´s Day will shine upon the key-hole.’

The first day of the Dwarves´ year was calculated according to the last new moon of Autumn. Not every Dwarves´ new year was a Durin´s Day, though - only when the last moon of Autumn and the sun are in the sky together on this day is it a Durin´s Day.

The pin is engraved on the front with Dwarven runes spelling ´Durin´s Day´ and a picture of the thrush.

The Durin´s Day pin is spincast from metal (Zinc Alloy) and comes mounted on a backing card inside a zip-loc bag.

The diameter is 1.4 in (35 mm) and features a pin welded to the back for easy attachment to your clothing.*

The Hobbit Smaug the Dragon pin


The red dragon from Thorin´s Map as a lapel pin or brooch.

The pin is made from metal (spincast out of 99% pure zinc) and electroplated in an antique copper finish. It has been hand buffed and lacquered for longevity.

It has two pins with fasteners on the back so it stays securely where you place it.

It comes mounted on a backing card inside a zip-loc bag.*

The Red Eye of Sauron pin


Designed by John Howe for Weta Workshop's crew clothing, the Red Eye of Sauron became an unofficial emblem for Weta during the filming of the trilogy. When in need of a Weta technician, the film crew and cast would look for the symbol of the Red Eye.

Now you too can feel like part of the Weta Crew.

Size 0.6x2.2"/1.4x5.7 cm. Nickel plated and and painted blood red, this is a striking design - classic John Howe.

On the back are two pins with fasteners. It comes pinned to a Lord of the Rings card, and sealed for protection in a plastic bag

Elven Shield Pin. Weta

Enameled brass. 1.8*1.2"/4.5x3 cm.*

Smaug pin. Weta

Enameled brass. 2x1"/5x2 cm.*

Key of Erebor pin. Weta

Enameled brass. 2x1"/5x2 cm.*

Dwarven helmet pin. Weta

Enameled brass. 1.6x1.6"/4x4 cm.*

Dwarven shield pin. Weta

Enameled brass. 1.6x1.6"/4x4 cm.*

Elrond pin

Enameled metal. 2x1.8"/5x4.5 cm.*

Rivendell pin

Enameled metal. 1.5"/4 cm.*

Set Lord of the Rings cartoon buttons

Complete set of 6 large promo-buttons (3"/7 cm), featuring characters from the Ralph Bakshi' cartoonmovie The Lord of the Rings: Frodo, Aragorn, Bilbo, Gandalf, Sam, Gollum. These is a warehouse find, so eventhough the buttons -released in 1978- are well over 30 years old, they look like new.*

Fellowship of the Ring promo button

New Line Cinema

Square button (2,3"/5.3x7.9 cm) issued by the filmcompany to promote the first movie. Pictured is Frodo, Ring in hand, and the text One Ring to Rule Them All. The Trilogy Begins December 2001.*

Portrait of Gandalf button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Gandalf studies the ring button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

The One Ring button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Portrait of Strider button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Frodo and Sam in the Shire button

2.2"/5.7 cm.

Portrait of Frodo button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Fighting Gimli button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Legolas, Boromir, Gimli button

2.2"/5.7 cm*

Four Black Riders button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Black Rider button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Seated Arwen button

2.2"/5.7 cm.*

Gollum's head. Enamel pin

Grey/green head of Gollum on a yellow triangle. Made in 1992 by the French Tolkien society La faculté des études elfiques. 1"/2.5 cm.*

Fear the Nazgûl! button

2.2"/5.7 cm

On a Quest button

2.2"/5.7 cm