Gibbons, World's Finest: Superman and Batman

DC Comics, 1992. Comic featuring Superman and Batman. 1st edition. Paperback.

Alena Graedon, The Word Exchange

Hachette, 2014. 1st edition. Paperback.

Imagine a world in which books, libraries and newspapers are things of the past. A world in which we spend our time glued to handheld devices called Memes that not only keep us in constant communication but have become so intuitive as to hail taxis before we leave our offices and even create and sell language in a digital marketplace called the Word Exchange.

Anana Johnson works with her father, Doug, at the North American Dictionary of the English Language, and they're hard at work on the final edition that will ever be printed. Then one evening, Doug disappears and Anana discovers a single written clue: ALICE. It's a code word Doug devised to signal if he ever fell into harm's way.

Joined by Bart, her bookish colleague, Anana's search for Doug will take her into dark basement incinerator rooms, underground passages, secret meetings, and ultimately to the hallowed halls of the Oxford English Dictionary - the spiritual home of the written word.

Terry Greenhough, Thought World

NEL, 1977. "A thinktank on an asteroid has some odd participants."  1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Nicola Griffith, Ammonite

DelRey, 2002. "Change or die. These are the only options available on planet Jeep." 1st edition. Paperback.

Matt Haig, The Humans

Canongate, 2013. 1st edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

One wet Friday evening, Professor Andrew Martin of Cambridge University solves the world's greatest mathematical riddle. Then he disappears.

When he is found walking naked along the motorway, Professor Martin seems different. Besides the lack of clothes, he now finds normal life pointless. His loving wife and teenage son seem repulsive to him. In fact, he hates everyone on the planet. Everyone, that is, except Newton. And he's a dog.

Can a bit of Debussy and Emily Dickinson keep him from murder? Can the species which invented cheap white wine and peanut butter sandwiches be all that bad? And what is the warm feeling he gets when he looks into his wife's eyes?

Peter F. Hamilton, A Second Chance at Eden

Macmillan, 1998. Collection of seven stories. 1st edition. Paperback.

Peter F. Hamilton, The Evolutionary Void

Macmillan, 2010. 1st edition. Paperback.

Peter F. Hamilton’s startling perspectives on tomorrow’s technological and cultural trends span vast tracts of space and time, his stories are as compelling as they are epic in scope, and yet they are always grounded in characters – human, alien and other – who, for all their strangeness, still touch our hearts and fire our imaginations. Now, in The Evolutionary Void, Hamilton concludes the highly acclaimed Commonwealth saga that has unfolded in The Dreaming Void and The Temporal Void. *

Harry Harrison and Jim Burns, Planet Story

Pierrot, 1979. 1st edition. Hardback. SF story illustrated in colour by Jim Burns. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

M. John Harrison, Light

Uncorrected book proof

Gollancz, 2002. "On the barren surface of an asteroid lie three objects: a spaceship, a set of dice and a skeleton". Paperback.

Robert A. Heinlein, The Words of Robert Heinlein

NEL, 1978. Four short stories and an essay. Paperback. Antiquarian: good condition (rubber stamps on first flyleaf).

Peter Heller, The Dog Stars

Headline, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback. Hig, bereaved and traumatised after global disaster, has three things to live for - his dog Jasper, his aggressive but helpful neighbour, and his Cessna aeroplane. He's just about surviving, so long as he only takes his beloved plane for short journeys, and saves his remaining fuel.

But, just once, he picks up a message from another pilot, and eventually the temptation to find out who else is still alive becomes irresistible. So he takes his plane over the horizon, knowing that he won't have enough fuel to get back. What follows is scarier and more life-affirming than he could have imagined. And his story, THE DOG STARS, is a book unlike any you have ever read.*

Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson, The Winds of Dune

Simon&Schuster, 2009. 1st edition. Paperback.

Between the end of Frank Herbert's DUNE and his next novel, DUNE MESSIAH, lies an intriguing mystery: how a hero adored by a planet became a tyrant hated by a universe. Paul Atreides is the man who overthrew a corrupt empire and then launched a terrible jihad across the galaxy, shedding the blood of trillions. The now-hated tyrant, the blind emperor Paul Muad'Dib, has walked off into the endless desert of the planet Arrakis, known as Dune, leaving his turbulent empire without guidance. It's up to his mother Jessica, with her daughter Alia, the brave troubadour-warrior Gurney Halleck, the resurrected Duncan Idaho, the Fremen leader Stilgar, as well as Paul's wife-in-name and biographer, Princess Irulan, to try and hold an empire together even as it tears itself apart from within and without. *

Hugh Howey, Wool

Simon & Schuster, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback. This Omnibus Edition collects the five Wool books into a single volume. It is for those who arrived late to the party and who wish to save a dollar or two while picking up the same stories in a single package.

The first Wool story was released as a standalone short in July of 2011. Due to reviewer demand, the rest of the story was released over the next six months. My thanks go out to those reviewers who clamored for more. Without you, none of this would exist. Your demand created this as much as I did.

This is the story of mankind clawing for survival, of mankind on the edge. The world outside has grown unkind, the view of it limited, talk of it forbidden. But there are always those who hope, who dream. These are the dangerous people, the residents who infect others with their optimism. Their punishment is simple. They are given the very thing they profess to want: They are allowed outside. *

Hugh Howey, Shift

Century, 2013. 1st edition. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). The prequel to Wool.*

Hillary Jordan, When She Woke

Harper, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback.

Lying on a table in a bare room, covered by only a paper gown, Hannah awakens to a nightmare. Cameras broadcast her every move to millions at home, for whom observing new Chromes - criminals whose skin has been genetically altered to match the class of their crime - is a sinister form of entertainment.*

Paul Kieniewicz, Gaia's Children

Matador, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback. This Scottish novel offers a glimpse of a world ravaged by climate change, where heroes struggle against impossible odds to preserve the land, and those whom they love. In a fast paced narrative, the reader is drawn into the lives of climate refugees. Aberdeenshire 2050 In a world transformed by climate change, Scotland has become a war zone. *

Stephen Kiernan, The Curiosity

Hodder, 2014. 1st edition. Paperback. A man, drowned a hundred years ago, is revived.*

Damon Knight, Beyond the Barrier

Hamlyn, 1978. Paperback. "Was he human or alien, sent to rescue Earth or to destroy it?" Antiquarian: very good condition.

Richard Laymon, In the Dark

Headline, 1994. "A librarian is pulled into a game, that becomes more and more violent. She wants to pull out, but the Master of Games has other ideas." 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Ann Leckie, Ancillary Justice

Orbit, 2013. Paperback.

The colossal warship called The Justice of Toren has been destroyed - but one ship-possessed soldier has escaped the devastation. Used to controlling thousands of hands, thousands of mouths, The Justice now has only two hands, and one mouth with which to tell her tale.

But one fragile, human body might just be enough to take revenge against those who destroyed her.*

Ann Leckie, Ancillary Sword

Orbit, 2014. Paperback. The sequel to Ancillary Justice. "Given a new ship and a troublesome crew, Breq is ordered to protect the family of a lieutenant she murdered in cold blood."*

Ann Leckie Ancillary Mercy

Orbit, 2015. 1st edition. Paperback. Final part in the story of Breq.*

Jonathan Lethem, Girl in Landscape

Faber, 2002. "The fourteen year old Pella flees a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn to a newly discovered planet". 1st edition thus. Paperback.

Roger Levy, The Rig

Titan Books, 2018. 1st edtion. Paperback.

Earth and the rest of the home solar system is empty of humanity, due to some unspecified catastrophe. But before that time, humans discovered another sun with “seven major planets and few minor ones….” Colonists in suspension (rigor vitae, just one of the many fab neologisms and repurposed words that Levy juicily deploys) traveled there at sublight speeds en masse. “Each bloc took one or two of the main planets, Heartsease, Spindrift, Magnificence, and the twin-mooned Vegaschrist…” Our main story venues will be three: the world of Gehenna, dominated by religious fundamentalists. The world of Bleak, dominated by the titular rigs, gigantic platforms and mechanisms that extract the valuable molten core-stuff of the planet. And the tiny world called Peco, dominated by the crimelord Ethan Drame. Additionally in the background lurks a sealed-off enigma world christened “the unsaid planet.”*

Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem

Tor, 2016. 1st edition. Paperback. A secret military project sends signals into space to establish contact with aliens. Unwise move.*

Cixin Liu, The Dark Forest

The Three-Body Problem, book 2

Head Zeus, 2016. Paperback. Mankind has to prepare for an alien invasion.*

MagiCon. 50th World SF Convention Souvenir Book

Magazine-size paperback. Illustrated.

Derwin Mak (ed.), The Dragon and the Stars

Daw, 2010. 1st edition. Paperback. This unique collection of science fiction tales demonstrates the diversity of the Chinese experience around the world, merging China's rich heritage with new traditions, offering North American readers an opportunity to discover these exciting writers. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, The Fate of the Phoenix

A new Star Trek novel

Bantam, 1979. 1st edition. Paperback. Kirk, Spock and the others have to battle the most dangerous villain in the galaxy, Omne. Antiquarian: very good condtion.

Julian May, Orion Arm

The Rampart World: book 2

Voyager, 2000. "Two hundred years in the future Mankind dominates the galaxy, but is about to encounter a malevolent alien race." 1st edition. Paperback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Julian May, Sagittarius Whorl

The Rampart World: book 3

Voyager, 2001. "Helly continues his search for evidence of a planned invasion." 1st edition. Hardback. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Sharyn McCrumb, Bimbo's of the Dead Sun

TSR, 1989. 1st edition thus. Paperback. A comical look at SF conventions and the fans. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Jack McDevitt, The Long Sunset

An Academy Novel

Saga Press, 2018. 1st edition. Hardback.

From Nebula Award winner Jack McDevitt comes the eighth installment in the popular The Academy series—Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchins discovers an interstellar message from a highly advanced race that could be her last chance for a mission before the program is shut down for good.

Hutch has been the Academy’s best pilot for decades. She’s had numerous first contact encounters and even became a minor celebrity. But world politics have shifted from exploration to a growing fear that the program will run into an extraterrestrial race more advanced than humanity and war.

Despite taking part in the recent scientific breakthrough that rejuvenates the human body and expands one’s lifespan, Hutch finds herself as a famous interstellar pilot with little to do, until a message from an alien race arrives.

The message is a piece of music from an unexplored area. Despite the fact that this alien race could pose a great danger and that this message could have taken several thousand years to travel, the program prepares the last interstellar ship for the journey. As the paranoia grows, Hutch and her crew make an early escape—but what they find at the other end of the galaxy is completely unexpected.

Ian McDonald, River of Gods

Pocket Books, 2005. Paperback. In the near future, India faces drought and war.

Stephenie Meyer, The Host

Uncorrected bound proof

Sphere, 2008. 1st edition. Paperback. Mankind is taken over by an alien race. Melanie resist the parasite inplanted in her by focussing on her love for Jared.

Mark Michalowski, Doctor Who: Shining Darkness

BBC Books, 2008. 1st edition. Hardback (no dustjacket issued).

For Donna Noble, the Andromeda galaxy is a long, long way from home. But even two and a half million light years from Earth, danger lurks around every corner...A visit to an art gallery turns into a race across space to uncover the secret behind a shadowy organisation. From the desert world of Karris to the interplanetary scrapyard of Junk, the Doctor and Donna discover that appearances can be deceptive, that enemies are lurking around every corner - and that the centuries-long peace between humans and machines may be about to come to an end. Because waiting in the wings to bring chaos to the galaxy is The Cult of Shining Darkness. This title features the Doctor and Donna as played by David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the hit series from BBC Television*

Moebius 3

The Collected Fantasies of Jean Giraud

Titan Books, 1990. 1st edition. Paperback. Comic.

Gray Morrow, The Illustrated Roger Zelazny

The Authorized Full-Color Book of Fantasy and SF

Baronet, 1978. 1st edition. Paperback. Comic version of several Zelazny stories. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Meg Mundell, Black Glass

Scribe, 2012. 1st edition. Paperback.

Tally and Grace are teenage sisters living on the outskirts of society, dragged from one no-hope town to the next by their fugitive father. When an explosion rips their lives apart, they flee separately to the city. The girls had always imagined that beyond the remote regions lay another, brighter world: glamorous, promising, full of luck. But, as each soon discovers, if one arrives broke, homeless, and alone, the city is a dangerous place—a place where commerce and surveillance rule, and undocumented people like themselves are confined to life’s shady margins. Now Tally and Grace must struggle to find each other and survive.

Linda Nagata, Vast