Embroided Lord of the Rings patches

These colourfull Lord of the Rings emborided patches are great to sow on jackets, shirts, bags and whatever you want. There are several designs available in The Lord of the Rings patches, such as Tolkien's monogram, Sauron's The Lidless Eye, Gondor's heraldic device and other embroided patches.


Tolkien's monogram embroided patch

Embroided patch in gold-threat of Tolkien's JRRT monogram on a black background. 3.5"x2.50"/9x7 cm.*

Gondor patch (black)

Embroided black patch with the tree and seven stars in silver. 3.5"/9 cm.*

Sauron's Eye embroided patch

Round embroided patch with in gold and red the lidless eye of Sauron on a black background. 3"/7.5 cm.*

Sauron's Helmet patch

Embroided patch of Sauron's Helmet in silver and black. 3"/8 cm.*

One Ring/Fellowship patch

Gold patch with in red embroided The Lord of the Rings and in black the Fellowship in silhouette. 4"/10 cm wide, 2.2"/6 cm high.*

One Ring patch

Gold patch with embroided in red the ringinscription in red. 4"/10 wide, 2.1"/5.5 cm high.*

One Ring to Rule Them All patch

Embroided patch with the One Ring in gold, connecting all the other rings. 3.3"/8.5 cm.*

Banner of Rohan patch

Green patch with embroided in gold a sun and in white a horse. 3.6"/9 cm wide,2"/5 cm high.*

Elven shield embroided patch

2x4.3"/5x11 cm. Embroided with goldcoloured jarn.*

White Hand of Saruman patch

Black patch with embroided the White Hand. 2.9"/7 cm x 4"/10 cm.*

Ringwraiths patch

Black embroided parch with the Morgul Lord and the other 8 nazgûl. 3x3.2"/ 7.5 x 8 cm.*

The Lord of the Rings with ringinscription patch

Embroided patch with The Lord of the Rings logo in gold and around it in silver "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to find them all." 3"/8 cm.*

Gollum/Sméagol patch

Embroided patch in yellow and silver with a friendly looking Sméagol. 4"/9 cm.*

Saruman with palantír patch

Embroided patch with Saruman face and his hand over the palantír, showing Sauron's Eye. 4"/10 cm.*

Middle-earth patch

Embroided patch with Middle-earth in red with a frame in gold. 3x3.2"/7x8 cm.*

Sting patch

Embroided patch of Frodo and Bilbo's sword in silver and gold. 4.5"/11.5 cm.*

Arwen Evenstar patch

Embroided patch with in silver and black Arwen's pendant. 4"/10 cm.*

Legolas patch

Embroided black patch with in silver and gold Legolas' fighting knives. 4"/11 cm.*

The Lord of the Rings and Ring patch

Embroided black patch with in red The Lord of the Rings and in gold the One Ring. 3.5"/9 cm.*

Lord of the Rings Finger Puppets

Set of 5 handmade finger puppets; Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn and Boromir. 5"/12 cm high.*