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These nice sculptures are made op polystone; a mixture of grounded stone and glue, making it look like stone. Subsequently they are handpainted. Almost all of them are limited (some very limited) and are very collectible.


The Art of Film Magic: 20 Years of Weta

HarperCollins, 2014. 1st edition. Two hardback (no dustjackets issued) in a slipcase.

This deluxe slipcased two-volume set is an insider’s tour of twenty years of movie-making magic at Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, the creative team behind such celebrated films as The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Avengers, King Kong and District 9.

Brimming with never-before-published content, including concept designs, sketches, behind-the-scenes photographs, and interview material from cast and crew members, it is a stunning look at how the sets, costumes, creatures and characters, weaponry, and visual effects are created for the world’s most iconic films.*

Daniel Falconer, Weta: The Collector's Guide

For the first time, every fine art collectible created by Weta Workshop over the last 10 years, all in one place.

For the first time, the entire The Lord of the Rings collection on display, all in one place.

For the first time, every Dr Grordbort´s infallible aether oscillator, all in one place.

Exclusive photos of unreleased collectibles, one-of-a-kind customized pieces, collectibles concept art and more. All in one place.
ALL in one book.

This stunning catalogue features 300 pages of:

Beautiful high quality studio photographs
Bios and insights from Weta Workshop´s artists and craftspeople
A master index of edition sizes, release dates, artist credits and availability

The Collector´s Guide 2011 includes an Introduction from multi Academy Award winning Richard Taylor, whose incredible passion has inspired this decade of collectible creativity. The book is designed and written by Daniel Falconer, Weta Workshop conceptual designer, part time sculptor and passionate collector.

We are delighted to include a unique spread dedicated to our customers, their collections and immense passion. Thank you so much for your generous support.

This book is THE reference for any fan of Weta Workshop, The Lord of the Rings, Dr Grordbort´s and any of our collectibles brands released since 2001.

HarperCollins, 2011. 1st edition. Oblong hardback. Illustrated.*