Exclusive for Germany was this range of painted Lord of the Rings figurines which were hidden in chocolat eggs.


Kindersurprise set The Fellowship of the Ring

Complete set of 10 figures you otherwise had to collect by eating all those chocolat eggs.*

Kindersurprise set The Two Towers

Second set of 10 figures from the chocolat eggs: Gandalf, Théoden, Gríma, Éowyn, Faramir, Legolas, Saruman with palantír, orc, Frodo and Sam.*

Die Zwei Türme Collectors Box Kindersurprise

A collectors box to store the kindersurprise-figures in. Contains 7 eggs, in which you will find Treebeard and Saruman with light-up palantír, exclusive to this box. Includes also a boardgame (in German).*