William Britain

This English company has produced a range of painted metal miniatures, each packaged in a sturdy box with a picture from the actor from the Jackson movies on the cover.


Boromir. William Britain. 40450

2.5"/6 cm in a gift box.*

Aragorn. William Britain. 40457

2.5"/6 cm in a gift box.*

Arwen. William Britain. 40455

2"/5.5 cm.*

Sam, Merry and Pippin. William Britain. 40459

Three figures of 2"/4.5 cm in a box.*

Three Orcs. William Britain 40458

Three figures (2.5"/6 cm) of Moria Orcs in a box.*

Three Uruk-hai. William Britain 40254

Three Uruk-hai figures (2.5"/6 cm) in a box.*

Saruman. William Britain. 40454

2.5"/6 cm. In decorated gift box.*