Noble Collection


Bag End Key Holder

Noble, 2015. Wall mount to hang seven keys from. With the framed lay-out of Bag End and on top the front door, with Gandalf's mark on it. 12x14"/30x35 cm.*

One Ring Hologram Box. Noble 9911

Round box, made of pewter, with the Fellowship in silhouette on the side. Due to an optical illusion the Ring floates above it in mid air.*

Bilbo Baggins figurine. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1203. 5"/12 cm high bronze figurine of Bilbo, Sting drawn.*

Thorin bronze statue. Noble


Noble Collection, 2012. NN1205. Bronze statue of Thorin Oakenshield. 7"/17 cm high.*

Gandalf the Grey Staff Candle Holder. Noble 2267

Made of coldcast porcelain, this is the top of the staff of Gandalf the Grey. On top is a glass, in which you can place a candle or incense burner. 10"/23 cm high.*

Saruman's Staff Candle Holder. Noble 7165

Metal candleholder in the shape of the top of Saruman's staff. In the glass on top you can place a candle or incense. 10"/26 cm high.*

Elven picture frame. Noble 2671

Enamelled metal. 6x5"/13x12 cm.*

Galadriel's photoframe. Noble 2691

Enameled metal. 8x5"/19x13 cm.*

Wizards Sculpture: Gandalf and Saruman. Noble 9129

Pewter statue of Gandalf and Saruman doing battle in Orthanc. In between the palantír with the Ring wrapped around it. 12x11"/30x27 cm. Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Lothlórien Candle Holder. Noble 9641

The exquisite spiral staircase and arches of the Lothlorien palace are recreated in this beautiful candle holder. The frosted glass top holds a variety of candle sizes and can be used to hold water and floating candles. 10 inches/25 cm in height.*

Mirkwood cell key

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Noble, 2013. Metal replica of the key Bilbo uses to free the dwarves from the Elven cells in Mirkwood. 7.5"/20 cm long. In a decorated box.*

Thorin's key. Noble

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Noble, 2013. Metal replica of Thorin's key to the Lonely Mountain. In a wooden giftbox with glass lid. The key is 5.5"/13 cm large.*

Gollum Plush. Noble

NN2715. 9"/23 cm high.*