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This category in longer than 1 page, so do not forget to hit the next button at the bottom of each page. Click on a picture to enlarge it. Some require batteries. They are included, but after all these years they may be flat.

Gandalf the White, with staf-extending action. Toybiz 81405

Two Towers 1.*

Frodo, with sword action. Toybiz 81380


Twilight Frodo, with sword action. Toybiz 81380


Frodo with light-up Sting. Toybiz 81405

Two Towers 3

Shelob Attack Frodo. Toybiz 81520

With glowing Light of √čarendill.*

Mount Doom Frodo. Toybiz 81570

Frodo stands on a rock with lava around his feet. Press the button and you hear him say: "Glad to be with you Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things."*

Mount Doom Sam. Toybiz 81570

Sam with Sting on a rock. Press the button and you hear him say: "Throw it in the fire!" and "I cannot carry it for you, but I can carry you!"*

Sam in Mordor. Toybiz 81170

Two Towers 4
With sword and climb action*

Sam Gamgee in Orc armour. Toybiz 81527

Press the button and you hear Sam say: "We did it Mr. Frodo. We made it to Mordor". *

Gate of Mordor Sam. Toybiz 81500


Bilbo 111nd Birthday Party. Toybiz 81435


Strider, with sword action. Toybiz 81380

Reissue, with sword.*

Weathertop Strider. Toybiz 81561

With light up torch.*

Aragorn, shoots arrows. Toybiz

In green Fellowship of the Ring box.*

Aragorn, shoots arrows (Two Towers box) Toybiz

Two Towes 2.*

Battle Action Aragorn, with sword action. Toybiz 81568

With sword attack action.*

Helm's Deep Aragorn. Toybiz 81395

Two Towers 3.*

Aragorn, king of Gondor. Toybiz 81320


Super Poseable Aragorn. Toybiz 81520

Press the button and you hear Aragorn say: "Let the Lord of the Black Land come forth, let justice be done upon him." Requires 3 (LR44) button cell batteries.*

Helm's Deep Legolas. Toybiz 81406

Two Towers 4
With knives, bow and skateboard...*

Legolas, in green Fellowship box. Toybiz

Legolas in Rohan armour. Toybiz 81320

Two Towers 1.*

Legolas with dagger throwing action. Toybiz 81570

Press the button and Legoals takes a knive from his back and throws it.*

Legolas with arrow launching action. Toybiz

In slim case.*

Council Legolas. Toybiz 81564

With cape.*