Deluxe boxeds with a number of figures. Usually most have been released before, but some of the figures are exclusive to this set.


Quest of Mordor. Toybiz 81209

Frodo, Sam, talking Gollum and the Ring on a chain.*

The Burden of the One Ring Gift Pack. Toybiz 81651


Contains Gollum, Prologue Sméagol, Bilbo, Bilbo Transfixed, Frodo with Sting, Twilight Frodo, Ring & Chain.*

Freedom to Edoras. Toybiz 81211

Aragorn, Legolas in Rohan armour and Gimli, with lots of weapons.*

Mount Doom Gift Pack. Toybiz 81465

Frodo, Gollum and Sam.*

Bearers of the One Ring Gift Pack. Toybiz 81462

Three translucent figures: prologue Bilbo, Gollum and Twilight Frodo.*