Isle of Man

Relating The Return of the King film the Isle of Man had issued 9 stamps: 23p Elessar, 27p Gimli, 30p heroes before mountain range, 38p Legolas on horseback, 42p Gollum, 47p Frodo and Sam, 68p Legolas, 85p Aragorn, 2 pound the One Ring.


Isle of Man Stamps Presentation Pack 2

Contains the 2 pound stamp as miniature sheet in a illustrated folder. Condition: new.*

First Day Cover with 2 pound stamp Isle of Man

 Condition: new.*

First Day Cover with 8 Isle of Man stamps

 Condition: new.*

The Lord of the Rings Collection Isle of Man

Set of eight postcards with the artwork of the stamps and both First Day Covers in a folder. Condition: new.

Sheet Isle of Man Legolas stamps

Issued in 2003. Numbered. Not cancelled and new.*

Set postcards of the Isle of Man stamps

 Condition: new.*

Set of 8 Isle of Man Return of the King stamps


1 Crown Isle of Man -sterling silver

A 1.5"/3.8 cm silver coin depicting Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship around him. 2003. Proof. Limited.*

1/25 Crown Isle of Man - Frodo. Gold

Coin with 1/25 ounce gold. 1.4 cm. Proof.*


1/10 Crown Isle of Man - Aragorn. Gold

Coin with 1/10 ounce gold. 0.8"/1.8 cm. Proof.*

1/5 Crown Isle of Man - Legolas. Gold

Coin with 1/5 ounce gold. 0.9"/2.2 cm. Proof.*

Five silver coins plus gold ring set Isle of Man

Set of five silver Crown coins: Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf. Each coins is 1.3"/3.3 cm. Plus the One Ring in 14K gold with tengwar inscription on both sides. In a display box. Numbered and limited to 5000 copies. Proof.*