Fontegrís Miniaturas

This Spanish company has released a small range of Tolkien figures. Sold in a decorated box and unpainted. Requires some assembly (a bit of glue will do).


Gandalf. Fontegrís

3"/8 cm.*

Saruman with palantír. Fontegrís

3"/7 cm.*

Bilbo. Fontegrís

2"/5 cm.

Gollum, seated on a rock. Fontegrís

2"/4.5 cm.

The Riddle Game: Bilbo and Gollum. Fontegrís

Orc. Fontegrís

2"/6 cm.

Gollum bust. Fontegrís

2"/5.5 cm high bust of Gollum, made of resin. With a manual (in Spanish) on how to paint the bust.*