This American company produced under the name Middle-earth Toys over the period 1997-2001 a range of nicely detailled Tolkien action figures. Each character is available in various forms and most are limited.


Gandalf the Grey. ToyVault

6"/15 cm. Tipp of the staff lights up. Limited edition.*

Gandalf the Wizard. ToyVault

6"/15 cm. Dressed in grey, with cloak, staff, hat, belt, pouch, tobacco, sword and scabbard.*

Gandalf in Fangorn. ToyVault

Gandalf as he appears in Fangorn; as Gandalf the White, but with a grey cape.*

Balrog of Khazad-dûm. ToyVault

With whip and sword. Eyes and manes light up. Limited edition.*

Forest Balrog. ToyVault

6"/16 cm. With pedestal. Limited edition.*

Frodo the Hobbit. ToyVault

3.5"/8.5 cm. With cloak, belt, sword, blanket and rugsack.*

Frodo of the Shire. ToyVault

3.5"/8.5 cm. With cloak,rugsack, walking stick, belt and pedestal. Limited edition.*

Frodo in Lórien. ToyVault

3.5"/8.5 cm. With green cloak, walking stick, rugsack, Sting, scabbard and belt. Limited edition.*

Uglúk on the Hunt. ToyVault

5"/13.5 cm. With bow, 3 arrows, quill and bottle.*

Uglúk the Orc. ToyVault

5"/13.5 cm. With sword, dagger, bottle and helm.*

Uglúk in His Cave. ToyVault

5"/13.5 cm. With chest, 3 arrows, dagger, shield and pedestal. Limited edition.*

Uglúk at War. ToyVault

Previews Exclusive
5"/13.5 cm. With shield, sword, dagger, helmet and hexagon to stand on.*

Gimli of the Fellowship. ToyVault

5"/12.5 cm. With helm, axe, pipe and pedestal. Limited edition.*

Gimli in Lórien. ToyVault

5"/12.5 cm. With blindfold, axe, helm, pipe and cloak. Limited edition.*

Gimli in Battle. ToyVault

5"/12.5 cm. With cloak, axe and shield.

Gollum, the Evil Hobbit. ToyVault

3"/7.5 cm. With boat and four fishesss.*

Gollum the Fisherman. ToyVault

3"/7.5 cm. With boat and half-eaten fish. Limited edition.*

Lord of the Nazgûl. ToyVault

7"/18 cm. With sword, cloak and glowing eyes.*

The Black Rider. ToyVault

7"/18 cm. With knife, cloak and glowing eyes. Limited edition.*

The Black Captain. ToyVault

7"/18 cm. With knife, sword and glowing eyes. Limited edition.*

Galadriel. ToyVault

5"/14.5 cm. With urn, pillar, dish and harp.*

Galadriel, an Elven Queen. ToyVault

5"/14.5 cm. With column, dish, urn and harp. *

Galadriel, the White Lady. ToyVault

5"/14.5 cm. With column,urn and dish in which the visions are visible. Limited edition.*

Galadriel, Lady of the Wood. ToyVault

5"/14.5 cm. With column, urn and dish. Limited edition.*

The Wight. ToyVault

6"/15.5 cm. With sword, dagger and mug.*