This Dutch artist made in 2006 a series of 13 oil paintings on canvas, based on The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. They were published in a 2007 calendar and a birthday calendar (both are listed in the calendar section of the catalogue). The originals are also available from The Tolkien Shop. Each painting is framed.

The picture is part of the exhibition of Jos' work at the Tolkien Shop in 2007.


The One Ring oil painting by Jos

With the inscription on both side of the ring and elven text along the border of the painting. Tolkien's monogram at the left bottom. 12x17"/30x40 cm.*

Manwë oil painting by Jos

Manwë is one of the Valar. He is the Lord of the Winds and friends of the birds. 24x20"/60x50 cm.*

Fëanor oil painting by Jos

Fëanor was an elven craftsman who made the palantíri and the Silmarils in Morgoth's crown. 24x20"/60x50 cm.

Isildur oil painting by Jos

Isildur cuts the ringfinger from the hand of Sauron. 20x24"/50x60 cm.*

The Mirror of Galadriel oil painting by Jos

Galadriel makes Frodo look into the mirror. 20x24"/50x60 cm.*

Orthanc oil painting by Jos

20x24"/50x60 cm.*

Cirith Ungol oil painting by Jos

Frodo and Sam are hiding in front of the watchtower of the orcs. 24x20"/60x50 cm.*