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The society in Britain publishes Amon Hen, Mallorn and studies in the series Peter Roe Memorial Publications. For more info see

Helen Armstrong (ed.), Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees 1

25 Years of Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinner
Swindon, 1997. Stapled wrappers. Two speeches from Tom Shippey, one from the fantasy author Geraldine Harris.*

Helen Armstrong (ed.), Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees 2

25 Years of Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinners
1998. Stapled wrappers. Speeches from Rayner Unwin, Tom Shippey, Colin Duriez (twice), Joanna Tolkien and René van Rossenberg.

Helen Armstrong (ed.), Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees 3

25 Years of Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinners
2001. Stapled wrappers. Speeches from Charles Coulombe, Michael Tolkien, Michael Scott Rohan and Patrick Curry.

Ian Collier (ed.), Journeys & Destinations

Proceedings of the 22nd Tolkien Society Seminar
Woverhampton, 2015. 1st edition. Stapled wrappers. Contains the text of five lectures given at the seminar.*

Richard Crawshaw (ed.), Travel and Communication in Tolkiens World

Proceedings 10th Tolkien Society Seminar, June 1995
Six pieces on the palantíri, roads, the travel motive, elephants and The Shire. Stapled wrappers. Illustrated.*

Richard Crawshaw (ed.), Tolkien, A Mythology for England?

Proceedings 13th Tolkien Society Seminar


"The Romans in Middle-earth: Classical Precedents for Tolkiens Early Conception of Mythology" by Alan Turner, "Monsters, Maldon and Holy Maidenhood: Tolkiens Real Mythology for England" by Andrew Wells, "Reflections on Reflections on Fairy Stories" by Gwydion M. Williams, "England? Which England?: Concepts of Englishness 1892-1954" by David Doughan, "Some English Myth-Makers: Success and Failure Prior to Tolkien" by Christine Davidson and "Tolkiens Mythology for England: The Shire as Local Community" by John Ellison. Stapled wrappers.*

Richard Crawshaw (ed.), Tolkien, the Sea and Scandinavia

Proceedings of the 11th Tolkien Society Seminar, 1996

Contains: "Seas and Shores: A Study of Cataclysms in Middle-earth", "The Sea-Bell. A Voyage of Exploration", "Searching for an Earthly Paradise. Some Common Images in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis", "The Great Wave and Other Dreams in The Lord of the Rings" and "Tolkien-on-sea. The View from the Shores of Middle-earth".  Stapled wrappers.*

Daniel Helen (ed.), Death and Immortality in Middle-earth

Peter Roe Series XVII

Proceedings of The Tolkien Society Seminar, 2016. Paperback. 1st edition.

J.R.R. Tolkien deplored allegory and rejected any suggestion that The Lord of the Rings has an inner meaning or message. In reading back the tale, however, he became aware of a dominant motif:

The real theme for me is […] Death and Immortality: the mystery of the love of the world in the hearts of a race “doomed” to leave and seemingly lose it; the anguish in the hearts of a race “doomed” not to leave it, until its whole evil-aroused story is complete’ (Letters, p. 246).

Despite the lucidity of this statement, the theme of death and immortality has been left relatively unexplored in Tolkien studies. In recognition of this, and to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, The Tolkien Society called for presentations on this important topic for its seminar in Leeds on 2 July 2016. Published under the auspices of the Society’s Peter Roe Memorial Fund, this book features a collection of twelve papers delivered on the day by aspiring and established Tolkien scholars alike.


Introduction - Daniel Helen

Tolkien and the Somme - Matthew B. Rose 

Tolkien and T.S. Eliot: the waste land and a fallen king - Tânia Azevedo

Tolkien and disability: the narrative function of disabled characters in Middle-earth - Irina Metzler

Facing death: how characters in The Lord of the Rings meet the prospect of their own demise and the loss of others - Giovanni Carmine Costabile

The elven perspective of life, death and immortality, and its influence on humanity - Aslı Bülbül Candaş

Mortal immortals: the fallibility of elven immortality in Tolkien’s writing - Anna Milon

Gifts in harmony? A philological exploration of Tolkien’s invented words for ‘life’ and ‘death’ - Andrew Higgins

Music of life: the creation of Middle-earth - Sarah Rose 

Transmission: an escape from death in Tolkien’s work? - Gaëlle Abaléa 

Recurrent pattern of the Fall in Tolkien’s legendarium Massimiliano Izzo 

Frodo and Saruman: euformation, dysformation, and immortality in The Lord of the Rings - Adam B. Shaeffer

‘Tears are the very wine of blessedness’: joyful sorrow in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings - Dimitra Fimi

Christopher Kreuzer, Freedom, Fate and Choice in Middle-earth

The 21st Tolkien Society Seminar
Tolkien Society, 2012. A5-size booklet. Stapled wrappers. Contains: "Voices of a Music- Models of Free Will in Tolkien's Middle-earth" by Troels Forchhammer, "Fate and Freedom in Tolkien's World" by Charles Noad, "The Fiat of Illúvatar's Children during the War of the Ring" by Anne Marie Gazzolo and "Who Forged Frodo's Fate?" by Sultana Raze (plus poem).*

Maria Kuteeva (ed.), The Ways of Creative Mythologies. Imagined Worlds and Their Makers. Volume 1

Proceedings Tolkien Society Seminar, 1997

Contains: "Grimm, Grundtvig, Tolkien: Nationalism and the Invention of Mythologies" by Tom Shippey, "Mythology and Irish Nationalism. The Claim of the Past" by Georg Grote, "Progressive Mythology and History Men" by David Doughan, "Blake’s King Arthur: Mankind’s Hope or Satan’s Representative?" by Jodi Quinn, "Words and the Word: Kenneth Burke’s Logology and T.S. Eliot’s Mythology" by Lawrence Coupe, "Approaches to Middle-earth" by Patrick Curry, "Power and the Nature of Humanity in the Writings of Tolkien" by John Flood and "Mythology as World Vision or Word Version in John Cowper Powys’ Wolf Solent". 1st edition. Stapled wrappers.*

Maria Kuteeva (ed.), The Ways of Creative Mythologies. Imagined Worlds and Their Makers. Volume 2

Proceedings Tolkien Society Seminar, 1997

Contains: "J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth: The Dialogic Component of Modern Myth-Making" by Christopher Garbowski, "Myth, Metaphor and Metaphysics in W.B. Yeats" by Maria Leontiner, "The Valar and Byzantium: Visions of Hierarchical Splendour in Charles Williams and J.R.R. Tolkien" by Robert DiNapoli, "Early Critical Responses to George MacDonald’s Phantastes" by John Docherty, "Myth and Politics in George Oppen’s ‘The Occurences’" by Lynn Forest-Hill, "Fenestering Godward: From Dei ex Machinis to Deus ex DNA" by Denis Bridoux, "Painting the Wolves: Classical Myth and Contemporary Drama" by Steve Nicholson. 1st edition. Stapled wrappers.

Anna Milon (ed.), Tolkien the Pagan?

Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens
Peter Roe Series XIX. 2019. 1st edition. Paperback.

This volume of proceedings contains papers from the largest and, perhaps, most diverse Tolkien Society Seminar to date.

Following a much-contested Call for Papers, ‘Tolkien the Pagan? Reading Middle-earth through a Spiritual Lens’ explores Tolkien’s complex use of religious ideology, the readers’ approach to their beloved fictional world via unusual spiritual and philosophical channels, and how Middle-earth almost became a faith unto itself.


Introduction by Editor Anna Milon

"On the Providential Historicism of Middle-earth" by Ryan Haecker 

"The Nature of Arda: An Artwork as the Embodiment of the Flame Imperishable" by Aslı Bülbül Candaş

"Honouring the Valar, Seeking the Elf Within: The Curious History of Tolkien Spirituality and the Religious Affordance of Tolkien’s Literary Mythology" by Markus Altena Davidsen

"Tolkien’s Mandos, Pratchett’s Death" by Justin Lewis-Anthony

"Also Sprach Fëanor, Spirit of Fire: A Nietzschean Reading of Tolkien’s Mythology?" by Giovanni Carmine Costabile

Trevor Reynolds (ed.), First and Second Ages.

Proceedings of the fifth Tolkien Society Seminar, 1990

Contains: "From Fëanor to Doctor Faustus", "The Big Time in Tolkien´s Mythology", "Purity and Danger in Middle-earth", "Elves of the First Age". Stapled wrappers.

Tom Shippey a.o., Leaves from the Tree. J.R.R. Tolkien's Shorter Fiction

Tolkien Society, 1991

Ten essays, including Tom Shippey on Beorhtnoth and articles on Smith of Wootton Major, Leaf by Niggle, Farmer Giles of Ham, The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun and Tom Bombadil.. Stapled wrappers.*

Andrew Wells (ed.), The Best of Amon Hen 1

Telford, 2000

A selection from issues 131 - 150 of the magazine of The Tolkien Society. 21 articles on various topics. Stapled wrappers.

Andrew Wells (ed.), The Best of Amon Hen 2

Telford, 2002

A selection from issues 91 - 120 of the magazine of The Tolkien Society. 20 articles (including one by Tom Shippey) on various topics. Stapled wrappers.

Sarah Wells (ed.), Tolkien 2005 Proceedings

The Ring Goes Ever On. Celebrating 50 Years of The Lord of the Rings
The text of all the papers given at the conference at Aston University in Birmingham in August 2005, organised by The Tolkien Society. This is a set of two massive paperbacks, weighing more than 3 kilo's! The papers are divided in eleven caterogies, such as Life, Sources, Translations, the Movies, Legacy. Published in 2008. 1st edition.*

Bucklebury Globe & Mail. Lithe 1996

Newsletter of the Bucklebury Ferry Smial
A4-size. Stapled. Illustrated. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Bucklebury Globe & Mail. Yule-tide 1996

Newsletter of the Bucklebury Ferry Smial
A4-size. Stapled. Illustrated. Antiquarian: fine condition.

Carrock Chronicle, 1st edition 1997

The newsletter of the Beornings Smial
A4-size. Stapled. Illustrated. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Mundo, issue 21 (1995)

Newsletter of Mundelt Sernieva
A4-size. Stapled. Illustrated. Fifth anniversary celebration issue of this newsletter of a Tolkien Society smial. Antiquarian: very good condition.

Tolkien 2005 Souvenir Book

Fifty Years The Lord of the Rings, 1955-2005
Large size magazine, stapled wrappers, filled with reports from the Ring Goes Ever On conference, held at Aston University, Birmingham, August 2005 to celebrate the 50th publication anniversary of The Lord of the Rings. With many colour photographs of the maskerade, the trip to Oxford, the guest speakers and much more.*

Return of the Ring Tolkien Exhibition Catalogue

2012. 1st edition. Oblong paperback. Features work in colour from all the artist exhibiting at the Loughborough exhibition in August 2012, plus a bio of each artist: Tor Fauskanger, Sue Wooley, Jenny Dolfen, Ruth Lacon, Octo Kwan, Jay Johnstone, Anke Eissmann, Luthien Dulk, Laura Taylor, Cahterine Chmiel-Gulgulska, Ted Nasmith, Cor Blok.*

Return of the Ring Proceedings

Proceedings of the Tolkien Society Conference 2012
Edinburgh, 2016. 1st edition. Set of two paperbacks, containing the text of 35 lectures given at the conference in Birmingham.*

Outbreak nr.8 August 1984

Magazine on SF, Tolkien, Pink Floyd and associatied matters. Illustrated. Stapled wrappers. This issue contains an interview with prominent Tolkien Society member Lester Simons. Antiquarian: as new (staples rusted).