Bilbo bath towel


28x56"/70x140 cm. Made of 100% cotton.*

White Tree of Gondor tea towel

Weta. 28x20"/72x50 cm.*

Thorin's map tea towel

Weta. 28x20"/72x50 cm.*

Simple Pleasures of The Shire tea towel

To prepare a feast fit for Hobbits, one must fix at least seven square meals. It is known that Halflings have seemingly bottomless bellies. And they're merrier for it.

We've emblazoned the Simple Pleasures of the Shire on a tea towel, made from 100% cotton.

A fitting addition for your Middle-earth collection!

Display yours with pride of place in the heart of your home, or dry many a dish once your company of Dwarves depart after dinner.


80 gram

Package Dimensions:

1cm x 50cm x 70cm   (LxWxH ) *

Hobbiton and Rivendell tea towels


In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit…

…Some 400 miles away* stood an enchanted Elf haven, nestled in the foothills of the Misty Mountain.

We've bundled together the homelands of Hobbits and Elves in one tea towel set, made from 100% cotton.

A fitting addition to your Middle-earth collection!

*Of course, the distance between Hobbiton and Rivendell depends if you stick to the road, or take the stealthy route to avoid a Nazgul or Nine.

Dimensions: 20"/50cm x 28"/70cm   (LxWxH ) *