Bert Steen

This Dutch sculpter (1934-2010) made in the period 1997-2001 a serie of ceramics, based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Each are one of kind, unique sculptures.


Bert Steen, Smaug Attacks Laketown

12"/30 cm hgh. Smaug flying over Laketown.*

Bert Steen, The House of Tom Bombadil

9"/23 cm high, 9"/23 cm wide.*

Bert Steen, The Argonath

16"/40 cm high.*

Bert Steen, The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

10"/26 cm high. The galleries of the mines of Moria. Inside you can see Gandalf fighting the Balrog.*

Bert Steen, Inhabited Mallorn Tree of Lothlórien

12"/30 cm high.*

Bert Steen, The Mirror of Galadriel

18"/45 cm high.*

Bert Steen, Orcs

10"/25 cm high. Four orcs, weapons drawn.*

Bert Steen, A Fire Beacon of Gondor

19"/48 cm high.*

Bert Steen, Boromir's drinking vessel

9.5"/24 cm high.*

Bert Steen, Minas Tirith

10"/26 cm high, 10"/24 cm wide.*

Bert Steen, Eowyn faces the Witch-king

13"/33 cm high, 12"/30 cm wide. The Witch-king on his Fell Beast. King Théoden is lying on the ground, Éowyn is ready to strike.*

Bert Steen, Barad-dûr

16"/40 cm high. The Dark Tower, with Sauron's Lidless Eye on top.*

Bert Steen, The Destruction of The Shire

15"/33 cm high. The sculpture symbolises Sharky's destruction of The Shire. Tower block build on top of Hobbit holes.*