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Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth poster

Poster to promote the Tolkien exhibition at the Bodleian Libary in Oxford in 2018, featuring Tolkien's artwork "Bilbo Comes to the Huts of the Raft-elves". 12x17"/30x42 cm.*

Tolkien, Bilbo woke with the early sun in his eyes poster

Bodleian Library, 2012. Artwork by Tolkien, coloured by H.E. Riddett. 24x15"/59x42 cm*

Tolkien, Conversation with Smaug poster

Bodleian Library, 2013. Artwork by Tolkien, coloured by H.E. Riddett. 24x15"/59x42 cm.*

Tolkien, The Hill: Hobbiton-across the Water poster

Bodleian Library, 2003
Poster features one of the illustrations Tolkien did for The Hobbit. 15x24"/42x59 cm.*

Tolkien, Dustjacket for The Hobbit poster

Bodleian Library, 2003
24x15"/59x42 cm.*

Chris Achilleos, The Host of Chaos poster

Zurich, 2002
Sauron towers above Barad-dûr, his army streaming out of the gate. 24x36"/60x90 cm.*

Maura Boldi, Galadriel in her swanboat poster

Published in 1995 by the Italian Tolkiensociety and printed on heavy stock. 20x28"/50x69 cm.*

Jim Cauty, The Lord of the Rings poster

Wizards & Genius (Switzerland), 1988. 2931. Reprint of this famous posters from the Seventies. An atmospheric picture of Gandalf, Frodo, Sam and stacks of dead orcs. 27x36"/69x91 cm. Antiquarian: good condition (wrinkled, some pin holes).*

Steve Hickman, The Citadel at Sunrise poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Gandalf on Shadowfax approaching Minas Tirith. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, Battle before the Gate poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Gandalf on Gwaihir. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, The Dread Vale poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Gollum, Frodo and Sam. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, The Invisible Thief poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976

Bilbo and Smaug. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

Steve Hickman, Watcher at the Gate poster

Christopher Enterprises, 1976
The Fellowship before the gate of Moria. 18x24"/45x61 cm.*

John Howe, Myth and Magic Poster Collection

HarperCollins, 2001
Printed folder containing 8 unfolded posters, printed on heavy stock: Celtic Myth, a Hobbit house, Rhino Pantser, Gollum escapes from the Elves of Mirkwood, Moria, Thee Argonaths, Ship of Destiny, A Song of Arbonne. 12x18"/29x45 cm. Still sealed.*

John Howe, Gandalf and the Balrog poster

999 Games, 1996.
20x28"/50x70 cm.*

John Howe, The Dark Tower poster

999 Games, 1996
Nazgûl flyes around Barad-dûr. 20x20"/49x49 cm.*

Marjatta Kuisvato, Smaug poster

Publicity poster of the Finnish theatre production of The Hobbit from 1997: Hobitti. 12x24"/30x62 cm. Pictured a drawing of Smaug.*

Immagini della Terra di Mezzo portfolio


Printed folder containing 7 unfolded posters by various Italian artists: "Ent", "Frodo touches the Mallorn in Lothlórien", "Minas Morgul", "Leaf by Niggle", "Chrysophylax", "Thorin Oakenshield", "Black Riders in the Shire". 12x18"/29x45 cm.*

Alan Lee, Celebrate 60 years of The Hobbit poster

Publicity poster for the 1997 edition of The Hobbit, illustrated by Alan Lee. The front shows the cover of the book, the reverse a b/w picutre of Tolkien. 12x25"/30x64 cm.*

Rodney Matthews, Treebeard poster

24x36"/61x87 cm. Treebeard, Merry and Pippin.*

Rodney Matthews, The Dwarves of Belegost poster

24x36"/61x87 cm. Dwarves fight a dragon.*

Rodney Matthews, The Dwarves of Belegost poster - signed

24x36"/61x87 cm. Dwarves fight a dragon. Signed on the bottom by Rodney Matthews.*

Rodney Matthews, The Nine Set Out poster

Essex, 2000
24x36"/61x87 cm.*

Petar Meseldzija, Gandalf poster

Gothic style. A rather angry Gandalf fights an Orc. 24x36"/62x94 cm.*

Petar Meseldzija, Shadow Comes poster

Gothic style. A heard of orcs under the head of Sauron. 24x36"/62x94 cm.