John Bolton Portfolio

Editions Déesse, 1985
In a printed folder are 6 b&w prints of nude warriors and death. 12x17"/29.5x40 cm. Limited to 888 sets. This is number 728. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

Frank Brunner, Flesh & Fantasy portfolio

Middle-earth, 1974
Printed cover with 5 b&w prints of comical nudes. 11x15"/28x37 cm. Limited to 1000 sets. This is number 658. Includes the mailer and the certificate. Antiquarian: very good condition.*

Clyde Caldwell, Kingdom of Knives portfolio

SQP, 1994
Set Two. Portfolio with six prints (dragons, semi-nude barbarians). 11x15"/28x36 cm. Limited to 2500 sets. This is number 1164. Signed. Antiquarian: as new.*

Crisse, Tarot portfolio

Pegasus, 1995
Large folder with nine prints of his tarot set, including a contact sheet with all the cards. Signed, numbered and limited to 999 sets.

Larry Elmore, Swordsong 2: The Journey Continues portfolio

SQP, 1991
Six fantasy prints in a folder, signed by Elmore. Limited to 2000 sets. This is number 492. 11x14"/28x36 cm. In colour. With a certificate. Antiquarian: as new.*

Alan Lee, The Book of Merlyn print

Glimmer Graphics, 1995
Merlin at work in his study. Signed, numbered and limited to 350 copies. 14x22"/37.5x57 cm.*

The Art of Rowena Portfolio

S&S, 1983
Illustrated folder containing 6 fantasy prints (dragons, nudes). 9x12"/23x31 cm. Signed, numbered and limited to 2000 sets. This is number 1920.*

William Stout, Dragon Slayers portfolio

S&S, 1979

Portfolio with seven b&w prints, all with dragons. 11/14". Signed, numbered and limited to 1000 sets. This is number 218. Antiquarian: fine condition.*