MV and MB series

These are diorama's made in pewter, packaged in a box or blister. Do require a bit of glue of assemble and are ready to be painted. In the same scale (32 mm) as the other Mithril and Games Workshop miniatures.


MV359 The Death of Isildur at the Gladden Fields diorama


MV360 Saruman and Gandalf in Orthanc diorama


MV361 Stormcrow: Théoden and Grima argueing with Gandalf


MV373 Gildor meets the Hobbits diorama


MV374 Ringwraith smells the 3 hobbits diorama


MV375 In the House of Tom Bombadil diorama


MV376 In the Barrow-Downs diorama


MV419 The Death of King Théoden

Pewter diorama of the dead king Théoden, a crying Merry, Éomer and two Rohirrim. Limited to 1000 copies.*

MV420 The Swan Knights

Pewter diorama of Prince Imrahil on horseback coming to the aid of a fallen knight. Limited to 1000 copies.*

MB236 Box with 9 figures from The Hobbit

Box contains M227-M235: Bilbo, Thorin, Gollum, Elrond, Gandalf, Beorn, Elven King, Great Goblin and Bard.*

MB237 Box with the Fellowship

Contains M123-129.*

MB279 The Lord of the Nazgûl diorama

Scène on the Fields of Pelennor in pewter with a resin base. King Théoden is lying under his horse, Éowyn and Merry confront the Witch-king.*

MB300 The Balrog of Moria diorama


MB345 The Vengeance of Smaug diorama

Smaug flies above the Lonely Mountain.*

MB358 Scatha the Worm diorama

The fire-drake from the Grey Mountains.*

MB369 The Uruloki. A Royal dragon of the First Age


MB397 Cold-drake of the Withered Heath diorama