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01-01 Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

The Lord of The Rings rulebook is the ultimate and essential guide to playing The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game - the game of adventure and battles in the world of Middle-earth.

This 240-page hardback rulebook contains all the information you need to get started with The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game, including: full rules for fighting tabletop battles, a guide to the races and armies of Middle-earth, and a hobby section on how to choose, collect and paint a The Lord of The Rings army of Citadel miniatures and set-up a battlefield to fight over.

01-06 War of the Ring. LOTR Strategy Battle Game

Mass Battles in Middle-earth

Games Workshop, 2009. 1st edition. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). Illustrated.

As the Third Age draws to a close, Middle-earth is ravaged by the War of The Ring. Great battles are fought across the lands as Sauron's fell armies invade from Mordor to bring the Dark Lord's dominion to all.

This 328-page book is a full colour rules manual for War of The Ring. Packed with inspiring pictures, both standard and historical scenarios, hobby advice, extensive profiles and army organisation for every model in the range, and all the rules you'll need to play out massive legendary battles in Middle-earth. This is the ultimate guide and essential purchase for playing games of War of The Ring.*

04-40 Gondor Battle Cry Trebuchet (finecast)

Made of resin. Trebuchet plus three soldiers.*

31-11 Warriors of Dale

Box with 10 plastic warriors from Laketown.*

31-13 Palace Guards

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Box with 10 elven soldiers, made of plastic.*

32-05 The Trolls

Tom the Troll, William the Troll and Bert the Troll are colossal bullies who raid villages and waylay travellers to satisfy their considerable appetites. They are strong, tough and exceedingly dangerous.

The Stone Trolls are huge and wonderfully detailed models. Their skin is thick, creased and weathered like rocks, and they are garbed in simple clothing such as loin cloths and straps. They're sculpted in dynamic poses, looming forward with an outstretched arm or towering over their foes, and they carry a range of items - one holds up a huge piece of tree, ready to smash it down on someone, another clutches a spoon (though there are options for it to be armed with a fork or piece of timber if a spoon isn't vicious enough). The kit comes with a piece of meat roasting over a fire, which is surrounded by rocks. There are also items of luggage. *

32-06 Goblin Warriors

The denizens of Goblin Town are stunted, degenerate creatures that have been afflicted by all manner of mutations and deformities. Their sinister appearance is quite fitting, however, for they are spiteful, evil creatures with a penchant for cruelty and violence. Individually weak, feeble even, as a group these Goblins overwhelm their foes with weight of numbers and shocking feats of violence.

The Goblin Warriors are wiry, muscular little creatures, with bulging eyes and ferocious expressions. They are sculpted in all manner of hunched or misshapen poses. Covered in dubious boils and lumps, they wear loin cloths and various straps, and hold an array of primitive weapons, from axes to swords. These are a great way to build up a collection of miniatures for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This kit contains 18 components and twenty 25mm round bases with which to make 18 Goblin Warriors. *

32-07 Goblin Town

Goblin Town

A sinister kingdom, lorded over by the giant, bloated form of the Goblin King, Goblin Town is a dishevelled realm inhabited by stunted, twisted creatures. This mockery of a court, with its cruel bully-kind, is home to creatures of a deadly nature, troglodyte denizens of implacable cruelty.

Goblin Town is a fantastically detailed scenery piece. It is made largely of long strips of timber that have been haphazardly combined to provide long, rickety walkways suitable for the inhabitants of Goblin Town. As well as chain detailing and wide ladders, it is scattered with bones and skulls, and some fragments of bones are strapped like totems to the large poles that hold the walkways up. Rugged and erratic, this is impressive scenery piece can be constructed in a number of different configurations.

This kit contains 22 components with which to construct Goblin Town. It is supplied unpainted and requires assembly *

32-08 Hunter Orcs

Hunter Orcs

The fast-moving and fanatical Hunter Orcs serve as the right hand of Azog, a relentless band who will stop at nought to slay his quarry.

These Hunter Orc miniatures come in an array of dynamic poses. They sport mainly bald heads with tufts of hair in the centre, lending them a savage appearance. They possess muscular torsos with limited armour across their thighs and upper bodies. They carry bows and a quiver full of arrows is slung over their shoulder, while some grip curved, crude blades.*

32-09 Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs

Powerfully muscled, with thick matted fur, Fell Wargs would be considered fearsome even before one saw the dark glow in their eyes and realised that they are possessed by a sinister eldritch force.

These Hunter Orc miniatures come in an array of dynamic poses. They sport mainly bald heads with tufts of hair in the centre, lending them a savage appearance. They have muscular torsos with limited armour across thighs and upper bodies. Carrying a range of weaponry, the Hunter Orcs are sitting atop the Wargs, which are sculpted to have the appearance they're on the run. In a variety of poses, the creatures possess a prominent spine, with thick fur covering the front of beast. Each one has a ferocious head, snarling expressions and exposed teeth.

This kit contains 44 components and six 40mm round bases with which to make 6 Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assemby.*

War of the Ring promo-poster

Games Workshop, 2009. Doublesided poster on glossy paper to promote the new release of the Games Workshop battle game. With on the front Gandalf the White leading the army, on the back Saruman and his host. 24x36"/59x84 cm.