Mini helmets

Miniature versions of the helmets worn in the movies, made of metal and supplied with a standard.


Orc Squinter helm. SS9504

Height: 5"/13 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Uruk-hai Scout helm. SS9505

Limited to 2000 copies.*

Orc Iron Cap. SS9513

Height: 5"/13 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Orc Muzzle Cage helm. SS9522


Limited to 2500 pieces.*

Pippin Citadel Guard helm. SS9524

Limited to 2500 pieces.*

Frodo's Orc helm. SS9525

Limiteerd to 2500 pieces.*

Sam's Orc helm. SS9526

Limiteerd to 2500 pieces.*

Helm of Sauron. SS9528


Height: 8"/20 cm. 1/4 scale. Limited to 5000 pieces. This is number 4500. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Battle helm of Éowyn. SS9529

Limited to 3000 copies.*

War Mask of the Morgul Lord. SS9530

The Return of the King
Weta, 2005. Limited to 4500 numbered copies. This is number 2504. Height: 10"/25 cm. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Helm Mouth of Sauron. SS9531


Limited to 4000 copies.*

Merry's Rohirrim helm. SS9535


Limited to 2500 copies.*

Battle Troll helm. SS9536

Limited to 2500 copies.*

Crown of the King of the Dead. SS9538


Limited to 4000 copies.*

Gundabad Orc Helm. Weta


Commanded by his master to assemble his armies and march upon Erebor, Azog the White Orc called forth his legions. Cracks in the earth opened, iron gates ground upon rusted hinges, and the darkness regurgitated its children, evil things bred in secret, far from the light. Their ranks swelled by Trolls, Ogres, Wargs, and other foul creatures, the main body of Azog?s force was composed of tall, broad-shouldered Orcs of his own heritage.

In the dungeons of Dol Guldur and Gundabad they mustered, forging cruel weapons and armour, cunningly devised, though crudely crafted. Many and varied were their helms, sporting bladed cheekguards and jutting crests as jagged and dangerous as the swords they gripped.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.*

Uruk-hai Swordsman helm

Weta 2584. 2018. Height: 7"/18 cm.

Hoping to strike a decisive blow, SAruman the White, falles Wizard and pawn of the Dark Lord, sent his army of Uruk.hai to make war upon the people of Rohan. Rank upon rank of specialized troops marched across the plains of the Westfold beneath heavy helms of black iron, each adorned with a crest shaped according to their function.

The Wizard's forces laid siege to King Theoden's refugees and meagre army at the fortress of Helm's Deep. With sword, tooth and claw the attackers tore at the stone walls, till by sorcery and sheer force of numbers the defences were breached. Blood-crazed Uruk-hai surged through the gap, overwhelming the Deep's defenders. Uruk swordsmen wearing blade-cheeked helms and bearing long, straight-edged swords hewed their was through Elves and Rohirrim. Cutaway beneath the nose, the brutes' helms left the swordsmen's mouths free to bite out the throats of their enemies.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.*

Ringwraith Khamul helm. Weta2586

2018. Limited to 750 numbered copies. Height: 10"/25 cm. With a brochure on the making of the helmet.*

Rivendell Guard Helm. Weta2588

Though his home was a sanctuary dedicated to the dream of peace and the sharing of knowledge, Lord Elrond nevertheless garrisoned the Elf haven of Rivendell with keen warriors. Many were the enemies of the free folk of Middle-earth.

Built into a hidden valley and warded with Elvish magic, Rivendell sat nonetheless upon the doorstep of the Misty Mountains, near Troll-infested wilderness and beneath the shadow on Angmar in the north.

Immortal beings, Elves had countless years to devote to the mastery of lore, craft, or swordplay. Though Elrond's men at arms stood like serene sentinels at the entrances to the Last Homely House, they were swift-limbed and deadly soldiers, sometimes ranging the borders of the realm with their lord on horseback.

Long cloaks and shining armour they had, with tall, crested helms fashioned after those worn by the Elven King Gil-galad's army of the Second Age. Delicate floral patterns wove themselves around the bowl of the helm and up to meet on the bladed crest, while upon the nose guard they bore the sigil of Lord Elrond, a dome of stars.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.

Product Size: 6 x 11 x 17 cm*

Helm Prince Théodred. Weta2705


Son and heir of the King of Rohan, Théodred was as fine a horseman as any of his people, riding with his parents before he could walk. By manhood he was appointed Second Marshall of the Mark. Based at the Hornburg, he and his Éored patrolled the western reaches of Rohan where the River Isen curled a winding course toward the sea.

At the shallow Fords of the Isen Théodred's company was set upon by Orcs and the prince himself was cut down. Though senseless and left for dead in the river, Théodred still drew breath and was rescued by his cousin Éomer, who bore him to his father in Edoras.

Yet even in his home the prince was not safe, for while he lay in a swoon a cruel poison was administered by the King's treacherous servant, Wormtongue. Théodred was buried with honour in his armour, sword upon his breast and etched helm of brass and steel at his feet, in the barrows before the citadel. There he would join his forefathers to sleep beneath the delicate blooms of the simbelmynë until the end of days.

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.*

Erebor Royal Guard's helm. Weta2587


Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.*