Smaug Collectible Stein

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This spectacular collector's stein mug is the perfect gift for fans of The Hobbit and is inspired by Smaug, the ferocious dragon who dominated the Lonely Mountain in Peter Jackson's motion picture adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's classic novel. The stein mug has a fantastic dark scaly finish with reddish flame tints, creating a stylish ombre effect behind the gold metallic applique of Smaug himself with the words, "I am fire, I am death" written on his wings. At the top and base of the mug you'll also find gold metallic dwarven runes, a detail that die-hard Tolkien fans are sure to love. Packaged in a printed gift box. Dimensions: 1150ml - 7"/17 (h) x 7.3"/18 (w) x 5"/13 (d) cm Packaging: Gift box Composition: Stoneware*