Éowyn in Mourning. Weta 4211

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Weta 4211. 2023.

The niece of King Théoden, Éowyn was both noblewoman and warrior, having been raised as a shield maiden of Rohan. Éowyn honed her skills, practicing even when her uncle forbade her to fight alongside the men.

The Lady of Edoras had a deep and abiding affection for her cousin, Théodred, and when the prince was cruelly struck down by Orcs, she stayed faithfully at his bedside until his last breath. With her brother exiled and her uncle under the insidious influence of Saruman, Éowyn was left to suffer in isolation, subjected to the unwelcome attentions of Gríma Wormtongue.

Product features:

- Made from high quality polystone;
- Approx 6.5 inches/19 cm tall;
- Depicting the Lady of Edoras, Éowyn.
- Gowned in her mourning dress, in memory of her cousin Théodred;
- Made with reference to the original film scans and imagery." *