Fell Beast Miniature. Weta 4215

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Available in March. You can pre-order

A winged thing - not of feather or quill, but naked and leathery. Armed with tooth and claw, its screeching cry, piercing and unnatural, invokes a primal fear in all who hear its call. A foul steed, it serves its rider to scour the skies and plague the lands.Perching upon the ruins of Osgiliath, forsaken capital of Gondor, the Fell Beast aides its Nazg├╗l rider in tracking down the Ringbearer. Its imposing figure poised to launch in pursuit. Saddled atop this abhorrent mount, the Witch-king surveys the ruins - searching, seeking, always seeking, the call of the Ring.- Made from high quality polystone;
- Approx. 6.2 inches/18 cm tall;
- Depicts a Fell Beast perched upon the ruins of Osgiliath as seen in The Two Towers;
- Made with reference to the original film props and designs."*

Product size: 13,5 x 18,5 x 15,5 cm