Lurtz Premium Format SS7165

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Weta, 2006. Antiquarian: mint in box.

Bred in the pits of Orthanc by the wizard Saruman, Lurtz was among the first of a new race of orcs. Lurtz, captain amongst the Uruk-Hai, was tall, upright, strong and fearless, living to fight and kill. His mission was to hunt the Fellowship of the Ring, to seize the hobbits and to return them to his master. Lurtz and his band of Uruk-hai, all marked with the White Hand, attacked the Fellowship at Amon Hen. With brutal accuracy, Lurtz fired arrow after arrow into Boromir, and proved nearly as deadly an opponent with sword and shield battling against Aragorn. Neither pain nor fear could slow Lurtz, only death.


Lurtz is the inaugural piece in Sideshow Collectibles’ line of Premium Format Lord of the Rings figures. Captured mid-stride, Lurtz is intricately recreated in 1:4 scale stalking toward his intended prey. The sculpture perfectly conveys the malice and single-minded purpose of Lurtz’ attack on the Fellowship.  The figure is a blend of polystone and leatherwork, utilizing the best materials available to recreate every detail, from the wrinkled surface of his thick hide to the brutish but effective Uruk-hai armor. Lurtz stands tall on an environmental display base, with a forest floor top surfacing, front nameplate, and edition size information printed on the base bottom.

Artist(s): Sculpted by Steve West, Fabrication in association with Greg Mowry of Geppetto Productions

Product Size: Including base: approx. 22.5" H (571 mm) x 10" W (254 mm) x 10" L (254 mm)

Limited to 1250 copies. This is number 1005.*