The Tolkien Ensemble, Leaving Rivendell

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With Christopher Lee

The fourth and final cd. Signed by composer Caspar Reiff.


1. Riddle of Strider (II)
2. Verse of the Rings (II)
3. Bregalad's Song
4. Legolas' Song of the Sea
5. Song of the Elves Beyond the Sea - Galadriel's Song of Eldamar (II)
6. Oliphaunt
7. Ents' Marching Song
8. Galadriel's Messages
9. Song of Eärendil
10. Song of Durin
11. Tom Bombadil's Song (III) I Had an Errand There...
12. Wight's Chant
13. Ho! Tom Bombadil (II)
14. Tom Bombadil's Song (IV)
15. Théodon's Battle Cry
16. At Théodon's Death
17. Snowmane's Epitaph
18. Burial Song of Théodon
19. Long List of the Ents, No. 2
20. Sam's Invocation of Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel