Mines of Moria. The Lord of the Rings Online 2

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The Mines of Moria is Volume II of the best selling MMO The Lord of the Rings Online. Expanding on the stunning online world of Middle-earth the Mines of Moria opens the gates to ancient underground cities of the Dwarves, where players will be able to battle epic characters in the depths, explore new regions and face off against the Watcher of The Gates! The Lord of the Rings Online continues to grow with 2 new classes, 10 more levels of advancement, 2 huge new regions and raids that bring the battle for Middle-earth to life! Face the evil within Moria and explore the wonders of Lothlórien. The Fellowship has moved through the Mines of Moria, but much evil has been awakened in their passing. It will take all the cunning and heroism of the lands' best heroes to tame the evil that rises within the dark. This edition is an expansion edition only, you must own the original to play.*