Gondorian Shield. United Cutlery 1454

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This is the original release from 2005. Reproduction of the shield used by the soldiers of Gondor in the The Lord of the Rings films. This Limited Edition Second Age Gondorian Shield measures 42 1/2 L x 20 1/2 W and is crafted from distressed hardwood with silk-screened, stained black finish to give it a battle-worn appearance. This meticulously detailed shield features the White Tree emblem of Gondor and offers steel bands, genuine leather arm strap, and a leather wrapped wood handle. This replica includes a wall-mounting kit, certificate of authenticity, and a Gondorian Banner featuring silver embroidery on a black field and mounted on a wood rod. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 2500 pieces worldwide. This is number 1110. Antiquarian: fine condition (the box has some wear and tear).*