Shirley Starke, Song for the White Rider

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San Diego, 1991. 1st edition. Stapled wrappers. Signed by the composer.

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, this cycle of 12 songs for harp and voice tells the story of the Battle of the Peak and Gandalf’s return as the White Rider. The ending of each song is a bridge to the next, and the cycle takes about 30 minutes to perform. The songs can also be played individually, and the music can be easily adapted as a harp solo. Level: easy to intermediate. The songs are titled, in order: 1. Where Are the Days?  2. I’ll Sing You A Song.  3. Tell Me, O Wanderer.  4. The Sword That Flashed.  5. Under the Mountains.  6. The Battle.  7. All the World’s Secrets.  8. Bright Are the Leaves.  9. All the World’s Secrets.  10. Tell Me, O Wanderer.  11. Song for the White Rider.  12. Leaves of Gold.


The songs are written in the Dorian, Aeolian, and Phrygian modes (medieval scales), and the levers are set at the beginning so that it can be played in three keys (one sharp through one flat) with a few optional changes but no required ones. Words, melody for voice, arrangement for the harp, and chord symbols are included. The book is 8½” x 11”, 28 pages; the cover is linen textured card stock in dark blue on white.*