1980 Tolkien Calendar - The Great Illustrators Edition

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The Riddle Game - Darrell Sweet, Aragorn and Arwen - George Zeil, The Eavesdropper - Robert Chronister, The Council of Elrond - Peter Caras, The Wolves of Mount Caradhras - Michael Herring, The Death of Boromir - The Brothers Gentile, The Siege of Gonder - Douglas Beekman (centrefold), The Defiance of Saruman - Carl Lundgren, The Paths of the Dead- Darrell Sweet, The Pyre of Denethor - Robert Chronister, Watcher of the Gate - Howard Koslow, The Eagles are Coming - Michael Whelan, The Scouring of the Shire - Michael Herring. With mailing enveloppe. Antiquarian: as new.