Thorin Oakenshield. Sideshow/Asmus. 1/6 scale

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The Thorin Sixth Scaled Figure features:

Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Thorin from The Hobbit trilogy.

· Asmus Toys  DWF 1.0 male body

· Approximately 25 cm tall

· Over 32 points of articulation


· An authentic likeness of character from the film.

· One pair of relaxed posture hands

· One pair of weapon holding hands

· One pair of fist posture hands



Special features on Clothing:

·One textured fur wrap coat

·One dark blue vest

·One pair of long underpants with stitched pattern

·One patterned armoring tunic

·One long sleeve underwear

·One pair of two parted boots (enhanced ankle joints)

.One pair of Thorin’s wrist bands


Special features in weapons:

· Orcirst (metal)

. One dwarf sword

· The Oakenshield



· One Asmus Toys figure stand*