Gandalf the Grey. SS94001

The first in the series of The Lord of the Rings busts, issued in 2001. Mint in box.*

Aragorn, Son of Arathorn. SS9404

One of the first busts released by Weta/Sideshow in 2001. These were not limited, but never remade and long out-of-print. Mint in box.*

Frodo Baggins. SS9401

7"/17 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.

Orc Overseer. SS9406

7"/17 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Boromir, Son of Denethor. SS9408

Weta/Sideshow, 2001. 8"/20 cm. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Gimli, Son of Gloin bust. SS9409

Weta/Sideshow, 2001. 6"/17 cm. Antiquarian: Mint in box.*

Arwen Evenstar. SS9410

Not limited, but sold out with the manufacturer. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

Samwise Gamgee. SS9412

7"/17 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production.*

High Elven Infanteryman. SS9416

10"/24 cm. Not limited, but no longer in production. Mint in box.*

Wounded Orc. SS9421


Limited to 1500 pieces.*

Ringwraith. SS9424

Not limited, but no longer in production.*

Gil-galad, High-Elven King. SS9426

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Elendil, King of Men. SS9428

Limited to 2000 copies.*

Prince Isildur. SS9431

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Elrond, Gil-galad's Herald. SS9432

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Cave Troll. SS9435

Weta/Sideshow, 2002. 11"/28 cm. Limited to 10.000 pieces.*

Gríma Wormtongue. SS9437

Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Galadhrim Soldier. SS9439

Weta/Sideshow, 2003. Limited to 2000 pieces. This is number 1118. Mint in box.*

Uruk-hai Berserker. SS9441

Released in 2003. 9"/23 cm high. Limited to 2000 copies. This is number 494.*

Uruk-hai Swordsman. SS9442

Issued in 2003. 9"/22 cm high. Limited to 2000 numbered copies. This is number 1074.*

Sméagol. SS9444

7"/17 cm. Limited.*

Éomer. SS9445

8"/20 cm. Limited to 2000 pieces.*

Gandalf the White. SS9446

Bust of Gandalf the White, issued in 2003. 8"/21 cm high. Limited to 2000 numbered copies.*

Gollum. SS9448

13"/32 cm. Limited to 1500 pieces.*

Mouth of Sauron. SS9449

Limited to 4000 pieces.*

Attack Troll bust. SS9451

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Catapult Troll bust. SS9452

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Siege Tower Troll bust. SS9453

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Grond Troll bust. SS9454

Limited to 3000 pieces.*

Smaug bust. Weta1452


Weta, 2015. 14"/36 cm. Limited to 1000 copies. The bust can stand -like pictured- are hung on the wall.*