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Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck. SS9310 (12/9)

Weta/Sideshow, 2001. Height: 9"/23 cm. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

King Elessar. SS9335

The Return of the King
Weta, 2004. 14"/30 cm high. Limited to 3000 copies. This is number 2420. Antiquarian: mint in box.*

2021 Tolkien Calendar (6/9)


The official Tolkien calendar, this year containing twelve stunning paintings inspired by the stories collected in UNFINISHED TALES by J.R.R. Tolkien. Three of the world’s finest Tolkien artists present the Three Ages of Middle-earth in breathtaking glory.

The official Tolkien calendar has become an established publishing event, eagerly anticipated by Tolkien fans the world over. Previous Tolkien calendars have become much sought after collector’s items, and this year’s will doubtless be an essential purchase for Middle-earth fans everywhere, as it celebrates the 40th anniversary of UNFINISHED TALES.

To commemorate this special occasion three of the world’s finest Tolkien artists – Ted Nasmith, John Howe, and Alan Lee – have each contributed four full-colour artworks to the Calendar. To accompany each painting, every month features complementary pencil drawings or sketches selected by the artists which are exclusive to this calendar.

In this unique artistic combination, Alan, John and Ted present scenes from the First Age of THE SILMARILLION, the Second Age of Númenor and the fall of Sauron, and the Third Age of THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS, which take the reader deeper into the world of Middle-earth than ever before.*

Dimitra Fini (ed.), A Secret Vice

Tolkien on Invented Languages

HarperCollins, 2020. 1st edition. Paperback. Edited by Dimitra Fimi and Andrew Higgins.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s linguistic invention was a fundamental part of his artistic output, to the extent that later on in life he attributed the existence of his mythology to the desire to give his languages a home and peoples to speak them. As Tolkien puts it in ‘A Secret Vice’, ‘the making of language and mythology are related functions’’.

In the 1930s, Tolkien composed and delivered two lectures, in which he explored these two key elements of his sub-creative methodology. The second of these, the seminal Andrew Lang Lecture for 1938–9, ‘On Fairy-Stories’, which he delivered at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, is well known. But many years before, in 1931, Tolkien gave a talk to a literary society entitled ‘A Hobby for the Home’, where he unveiled for the first time to a listening public the art that he had both himself encountered and been involved with since his earliest childhood: ‘the construction of imaginary languages in full or outline for amusement’.

This talk would be edited by Christopher Tolkien for inclusion as ‘A Secret Vice’ in The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays and serves as the principal exposition of Tolkien’s art of inventing languages. This new critical edition, which includes previously unpublished notes and drafts by Tolkien connected with the essay, including his ‘Essay on Phonetic Symbolism’, goes some way towards re-opening the debate on the importance of linguistic invention in Tolkien’s mythology and the role of imaginary languages in fantasy literature.*

Renée Vink, Gleanings from Tolkien's Garden (2/9)

Avo Braiths, 2020. 1st edition. Paperback.

For almost four decades, Renée Vink, co-founder of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor and translator of several of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, has been studying the Legendarium of Arda and writing about it. Among her output are numerous contributions to the Society’s magazine, an increasing list of scholarly essays, and the monograph Wagner and Tolkien: Mythmakers. In addition, she has edited several issues of Lembas Extra, Unquendor’s biennial magazine.

This volume contains thirteen of her articles, focusing on various subjects from translation, Elvish affairs, books by female authors with links to Tolkien’s works, Jewish aspects of his dwarves, fan-fiction, and last but not least, another Wagnerian parallel. Nine of these, the oldest dating from the early 1990s, were published previously in various journals or conference proceedings. The remaining four are new.

Unquendor chairman since 2013, Jan van Breda, has provided an introduction to the volume:

“The members of Unquendor have come to know Renée as an
insightful writer, a sharp thinker, and (if needs be)
a fierce debater on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.”

Rivendell cap (1/9)

Black baseball cap with Rivendell written in silver.*

Frodo MiniCo (31/8)

Iron Studios, 2020. Made of PVC, this figure is 4"/11 cm high. In a giftbox.*

Gollum MiniCo

Iron Studios, 2020. Made of PVC, this figure is 3.8"/9 cm high. In a giftbox.*

Gandalf MiniCo

Iron Studios, 2020. Made of PVC, this figure is 7"/18 cm high. In a giftbox.*

Three hobbits mousemat

The Return of the King
NLC, 2003. Still sealed. Featuring Sam, Frodo and Gollum. 10"/24 x 8"/20 cm.*

The Fellowship of the Ring boardgame. ICE, 1983 (26/8)

Stock 7100
Strategy game, played on a very large map of Middle-earth, for 2 persons. One tries to get the Ring to Mount Doom, the other must try to prevent this. Game consists of 222 cards, 65 pieces and 40 counters. Complete, with manual. Suitable for 13 years and above. Playing time: 1 to 5 hours. Complexity: 6 out of 10. Antiquarian: fine condition (complete).*

Empire 163: Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition set

British glossy film magazine, this one entirely dedicated to The Two Towers movie. They issued four different covers of this issue. This is the complete set of all four. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

Shards of Narsil. United Cutlery 1296

Issued in 2002. This is the broken sword of king Elendil as it is lying in Rivendell (well, in the movie). The shards are mounted on a wooden wallmount. Only the hilt is loose. The wallmount is 48x12"/120 x 29 cm. A nice item from United Cutlery, for quite some time now sold out with them. This is an antiquarian copy in a fine condition (some pitting to the handle, box has some wear). Limited to 5000 copies. This is number 2716. With two certificates, one signed by John Howe.*

Sword of the Ringwraith. United Cutlery 1278

Made of weathered, stainless steel. 54"/135 cm. With a decorated, wooden wallmount and a certificate of authenticity. Antiquarian: as new (box has some wear).*.

Sword of the Witch-king. United Cutlery 1266

Made of stainless steel, the sword is 55"/139 cm long with a leather grip and etched decorations. Comes complete with a wooden wallmount and a certificate of authenticity. Antiquarian: as new (box has some wear).*

The Lord of the Rings by the BBC on cd (1995) 23/8

Released in America by Bantam Doubleday. Adapted by Brian Sibley and Michael Blakewell. Cover by the Brothers Hildebrandt. On 13 cd's in a slipcase. About 13 hours. Antiquarian: as new.*

The Hobbit. Allen&Unwin, 1971

George Allen & Unwin, 1971. 11th impression. On the cover Tolkien's sketch "Death of Sauron". Illustrated in b&w by Tolkien. Antiquarian: very good condition (spine browned and some damage at the bottom).*

The Silmarillion. Unwin Paperback, 1979

Paperback. First edition thus. Cover by Tolkien. Antiquarian: very good condition (spine a little faded, but otherwise a sharp, unread copy).*

The Shaping of Middle-earth. Ballantine, 1st edition

Del Rey/Ballantine, 1995. 1st edition as paperback. Cover by John Howe. Antiquarian: very good condition (binding tight, minimal wear to edges)*

Gracia Fay Ellwood, Good News from Tolkien's Middle-earth (1st edition)

Two Essays on the "Applicability" of The Lord of the Rings.
Eerdmans, 1970. 1st edition. Paperback. Illustrated with photo's. "documents with scholarly breadth and precision parallels from ancient mythologies, primal religions, and modern anthropology, psychology and theology". Antiquarian: very good condition (cover a bit dirty and some dents in the corner).*

Michael Green, A Hobbit's Journal

Being a blank book with some various illustrations of friends and foes of the Nine Companion. From the collection of Sam Gamgee
Exley Publications, 1992. Paperback.  Blanc pages with drawings in the corners. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

The Hobbit Birthday Book (20/8)

HoughtonMifflin, 1991. 1st edition. Hardback (no dustjacket issued). Illustrated by Tolkien. Antiquarian: very good condition (a fold in the first flyleaf, a dent in the side of the book).*

The Hobbit "Smaug" Jigsaw Puzzle (14/8)

American Publishing Corp, 1977. 200 pieces. 11x17"/27 x 43 cm. Puzzle with a still from the Rankin & Bass cartoon movie of Smaug attacking. Antiquarian: fine condition.*

Thorin's map travel mug (13/8)

This The Hobbit travel mug is the ideal companion for epic adventures! A collaboration with eco-friendly coffee cup brand Huskup, this travel mug is made out of rice husk and is 100% reusable, biodegradable and plastic free. The design features a stylish wraparound design inspired by Thorin Oakenshield's map, which the heroes of The Hobbit used to guide the way to the Lonely Mountain. The black lid and band provide comfort and protection against hot drinks and are made from 100% recyclable silicone. Perfect for those who want to journey through Middle-earth responsibly. Free of BPA, toxins, melamine and plastic.

Dimensions: 400ml - 13.5 (h) x 9.5 (w) x 9.5 (d) cm
Packaging: decorated box
Composition: Rice husk and silicone*

Hobbiton keychain

Take a reminder of The Shire with you, wherever your travels take you, with this wonderful keyring inspired by Bilbo Baggins' home as it appears in Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's classic novel. The design of the keyring features the iconic circular door of Bilbo's house, filled with green enamel, including the mark Gandalf draws on Bilbo's door to draw the dwarves to his home in the first film in the epic trilogy. Surrounding the door is an antique gold finish that includes the word, "Hobbiton".

Dimensions: 6"/15 (h) x 3"/7 (w) x 0.4"/1 (d) cm
Packaging: Backing card with euro slot
Composition: Zinc alloy, soft magnet and epoxy*

Smaug shaped heat changing mug

Fire up your morning brew with this epic heat changing mug inspired by one of the most ferocious creatures in Middle-earth, Smaug the Dragon. When cold, the 3D mould of Smaug's head, complete with scales and spikes, shows his eye shut. However, when hot liquid is poured in, Smaug's yellow eye opens wide, just as in the final moments of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit motion picture trilogy. The reverse of the mug includes the words, "If you awaken that beast it will destroy us all!" in yellow text, and Smaug's eye closes as the mug cools. Packaged in a printed gift box, this is the perfect gift for anyone who reveres Smaug's awesome power.

Dimensions: 450ml - 11 (h) x 12.5 (w) x 10.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Dolomite

Smaug Collectible Stein

This spectacular collector's stein mug is the perfect gift for fans of The Hobbit and is inspired by Smaug, the ferocious dragon who dominated the Lonely Mountain in Peter Jackson's motion picture adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's classic novel. The stein mug has a fantastic dark scaly finish with reddish flame tints, creating a stylish ombre effect behind the gold metallic applique of Smaug himself with the words, "I am fire, I am death" written on his wings. At the top and base of the mug you'll also find gold metallic dwarven runes, a detail that die-hard Tolkien fans are sure to love. Packaged in a printed gift box.

Dimensions: 1150ml - 7"/17 (h) x 7.3"/18 (w) x 5"/13 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Stoneware*

Tolkien's Smaug mug

This epic mug inspired by The Hobbit movie trilogy is perfect for breathing a little dragon fire into your morning coffee. The mug features an attractive black base colour, which is contrasted by mountain illustrations along it's bottom edge with pops of orange, while the front of the mug has artwork by Tolkien of the dragon Smaug soaring in the skies, while the back of the mug has The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug logo. For a fiery finishing touch, the mug also features a crimson red inner glaze. Packaged in a printed gift box.

Dimensions: 325ml - 9.5 (h) x 12.5 (w) x 9 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Stoneware*

Gandalf the Wizard pin

This enamel The Hobbit pin badge is an ideal pick up item that is great for adding character to clothing and bags. Inspired by the beloved character of Gandalf the Grey, the badge features a stylish Gandalf design that includes the word, "Wizard" with antique-style gold details that fans are sure to love.

Dimensions: 1.2"/3 (h) x 1.2"/3 (w) x 0.4"/0.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Backing card with euro slot
Composition: Zinc alloy*

I Am Going On an Adventure! notebook

Keep note of all your epic adventures whether you're journeying to the Lonely Mountain, or simply embarking on an arduous 9-5 with this A5 notebook inspired by Peter Jackson's The Hobbit movie trilogy. The notebook's soft-touch lamination front cover features embossed details as well as an attractive black design with Bilbo Baggins' quote, "I'm going on an adventure" in orange text above a contrasting tan illustration of mountains with navy silhouettes of The Hobbit's key protagonists in front. Inside you'll find end papers printed with the map of Middle-earth, as well as 240 pages with orange edges..

Dimensions: 240 pages - 8"/21 (h) x 6"/15 (w) x 0.8"/1.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Sticker and polybag
Composition: Paper, elastic and ribbon*

Lukasz Neubauer (ed.), Middle-earth, or There and Back Again (12/8)

Walking Tree 44, 2020. 1st edition. Paperback. Cover by Anke Eissmann.

Table of contents:

Łukasz Neubauer

Michał Leśniewski
Tolkien and the Myth of Atlantis, or the Usefulness of Dreams and the Methodology of Mythmaking

Łukasz Neubauer
'You cannot pass': Tolkien's Christian Reinterpretation of the Traditional Germanic Ideals of Heroism and Loyalty in The Lord of the Rings

Barbara Kowalik
Tolkien's Use of the Motif of Goldsmith-craft and the Middle English Pearl: Ring or Hand?

Bartłomiej Błaszkiewicz
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fall of Arthur in the Context of the Medieval Tradition of Romance

Andrzej Szyjewski
The Mythical Model of the World in The Story of Kullervo

Andrzej Wicher
The Wisdom of Galadriel: A Study in the Theology of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings set of 4 ceramic coasters

One of our most popular product formats, this epic set of 4 The Lord of the Rings coasters make for a brilliant addition to any Middle-earth display. Each circular cork-backed ceramic coaster features a different design inspired by the beloved The Lord of the Rings trilogy, highlighting the two famous inns from the franchise, the Prancing Pony of Bree, and The Green Dragon of the Shire, as well as two quotes from Peter Jackson's award-winning movies. The coasters also come packaged in a sleek printed gift sleeve.

Dimensions: 10.5 (h) x 10.5 (w) x 3 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift sleeve
Composition: Ceramic and cork*

My Preciousss Accessory Disk

Keep all your "preciousss" jewellery in a safe place, away from the hands of "filthy thieving Hobbitses" with this fabulous The Lord of the Rings accessory dish inspired by the iconic characer of Gollum. The stoneware dish features a crisp white base colour, with elven gold foil detailing around its edges, as well as the words, "My preciousss" surrounding a central 3D mould of the one ring of power. Packaged in a printed gift box, this is a fantastic purchase for any The Lord of the Rings fans and a great addition to a Middle-earth display.

Dimensions: 1"/2.5 (h) x 5"/13.5 (w) x 5"/13.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Stoneware*

My Precious shaped bowl

Pour the "preciousss" coffee into this epic The Lord of the Rings shaped mug inspired by the iconic character of Gollum, the poor creature who spent his life tortured by his desire to possess the one ring. This stoneware mug features a black base colour with a contrasting gold foil wraparound design that reads, "My preciousss" with Gollum's silhouette sat upon the text, while the mug's golden handle is shaped like the one ring that the forces of good sought to destroy throughout The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The mug can hold up to 500ml, and is packaged in a printed gift box.

Dimensions: 500ml - 4"/9.5 (h) x 6"/14.5 (w) x 5"/12 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Stoneware*

Two The Fellowship of the Ring glasses

One does not simply walk into Mordor without hydrating first. That's why we've designed this epic set of 2 glasses inspired by the first film in the award-winning The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. Each highball glass features a different design, one has a wraparound silhouette of the fellowship travelling with The Lord of the Rings logo above them in gold foil, while the other has a stunning wraparound design of the iconic map of Middle-earth, which is also accented with pops of gold foil. Packaged in a printed gift box.

Dimensions: 300ml - 6"/15.5 (h) x 5"/14 (w) x 2.5"/7 (d) cm
Packaging: Gift box
Composition: Glass*

Set of 6 Lord of the Rings glasses

This epic The Lord of the Rings glass set is the perfect finishing touch for any Middle-earth display, with several different glass sizes and types included, each featuring a unique design inspired by Peter Jackson's award-winning movies based on J.R.R Tolkien's iconic book series. The glasses have attractive green and gold foil details on each of their unique designs, as well as quotes from the films and elements such as the Middle-earth map that fans are sure to love. The set is housed within it's own attractive gift box which is also printed with The Lord of the Rings artwork.

Dimensions: Glasses - 2 x 50ml, 2 x 75ml, 2 x 100ml , Boxed - 31 (w) x 21.5 (h) x 8.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Decorated box*

A Wizard is Never Late travel mug

Even wizards need to recaffeinate once in a while, which is why we've designed this epic The Lord of the Rings metal travel mug inspired by the beloved character of Gandalf the Grey. The mug features a deep forest green colour scheme, with Gandalf's iconic quote, "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to" lasered across each side of the mug in easily recogniseable The Lord of the Rings script. The mug features a wipe clean finish as well as a sturdy screw top lid and open drinking hole, making this an ideal gift for busy The Lord of the Rings fans who need to let the world know that they only ever arrive when they mean to.

Dimensions: 350ml - 6"/16 (h) x 3"/8.5 (w) x 2.5"/6.5 (d) cm
Packaging: Swing tag
Composition: Metal*

Sword of Boromir. United Cutlery 1400 (8/8)


Released in 2005, for many years no longer in production. Length 39"/88 cm. With a wooden plaque to hang on the wall and a certificate of authenticity. Antiquarian: wallmount has some scratches, the box has some wear around the edges and one side slightly sunfaded.*

Scabbard for Sting. United Cutlery 1300

Released in 2002, no longer in production. Leather scabbard with metal mounds, engraved with an Elven design. 18"/45 cm. In a The Lord of the Rings box. Antiquarian:box has some wear around the edges, front slightly sunfaded.*

Aragorn's Ranger sword. United Cutlery 1299

Produced in 2002 and no longer available. Made of stainless steel, with a leather grip and a decorated, wooden wallmount to hang the sword on the wall. 48"/120 cm. With a certificate of authenticity. Antiquarian: mint in box (box has some light wear).*